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Visian ICL


If you have always wanted LASIK, but have been told you’re not a candidate because you are too nearsighted or your corneas are too thin, your answer could be here – the Visian ICL! With the ICL, we can now help many people who we previously could not help see without their glasses and contacts!

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How Does Visian™ ICL Give Super Clear Vision?

Quality of Vision Excellence – High Definition Visian™
Visian ICL The Visian ICL offers vision correction that’s sharper, clearer, more vivid, and has greater depth and dimension than other procedures. The main advantage of the Visian ICL over traditional corrective laser eye surgery is that patients may experience significant improvement in quality of vision after the lens is implanted 1. When compared to the results of corneal refractive surgery, the Visian ICL may produce superior vision quality as evidenced by fewer higher order aberrations 2. Patients experience a nearly immediate visual recovery and “Wow!” results.

How Can I Finance the Visian ICL?

At South Texas Eye Institute we accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, bank check or cash. We have also teamed up with Wells Fargo and Care Credit to offer special financing, with approved credit, to help you pay for your procedure over time.

Wide Treatment Range

The Visian ICL has proven to be effective in patients within a wide range of refractive errors. In fact, the Visian ICL can correct myopia from as low as -3.0 diopters to -16.0 diopters and reduce myopia from -16.0 diopters up to as high as -20.0 diopters with or without astigmatism. Before now, some of these individuals were not candidates for surgical eye correction. Clinical studies have shown how the Visian ICL is truly a breakthrough myopia treatment in terms of vision correction results. Because implantation of the phakic IOL does not require any structural alteration of the eye, results are predictable and very stable.


Technologically Advanced / Premium Lens Material
Unlike other phakic IOLs, the Visian ICL is made from Collamer, a technologically advanced / premium lens material exclusive to STAAR Surgical Company. The Visian ICL is safe and effective. The ICL has a track record with an over 99% success rate.

Exceptional Patient Experience
Simple, Safe & Invisible Lens
Invisible Lens Because the Visian ICL is implanted in the posterior chamber, behind the iris, unlike other phakic IOLs, the lens is invisible to both the patient and any observer. Also, its positioning in the eye maintains normal iris function, promotes stability, and may reduce potential complications.

The “Wow” Factor
After the simple 15-minute outpatient procedure, patients experience an immediate improvement in vision quality and are “wowed” by the results.

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