Jose F., LASIK Patient

South Texas Eye Institute, Is probably the best medical experience I’ve had; Place is great, clean, organized, world class; staff is kind and service is fantastic; Dr. Marten is the best and kindest Dr. I’ve been with; goes above and beyond; I had Lasik surgery, prior surgery I had an appointment with Yvette, which is great; she made all tests needed and schedule surgery; before I had a mother appointment with Dr. Marten; she was kind and extremely knowledgable since we met; she explained the procedure and ask if I had doubts or questions…. all great… saw her the day for surgery which is so fast, you don’t even have time to get nervous.

She gave me all instructions to follow after surgery; I had no pain at all, some discomfort for a couple of hours, by night I saw much better than before surgery; to my surprise, that evening, Dr. Marten called me personally to see how I was feeling; that’s something you don’t see much anymore; I was so thankful.

I had several post surgery appointments and all has been incredibly good; she’s and the institute, deserves the best possible rating.

Thanks for the great experience.