Sarah A., Lasik Patient

My journey to the South Texas Eye Institute began with my husband having PRK surgery. He despised glasses and refused to wear them so often that we considered laser surgery to be his best course of action. Within the first moments of his appointment, I was undeniably impressed. While checking his eyes and discussing the types of options available, the staff addressed every question, concern or fear he voiced.

Not only that but every test was verified for the best reading. If something didn’t look right or seemed questionable, he was retested. This amount of detail and care made us feel confident that Dr. Marten and her staff had his best interest in mind. During and after his surgery, Dr. Marten and her staff continued to show the same enthusiasm and interest towards his eye health. Everyone seemed to remember him and walking into the office felt like seeing old friends.

About a year after my husband’s procedure, I made the leap to have corrective surgery. Much like my husband’s first appointment, I was astounded at the care, dedication, and attentiveness of the staff. Our main contact, Myrandah, is undeniably amazing at her job. After determining that I qualified for Lasik, she broke down all the differences from PRK that I would experience.

Despite my nervous tendencies, I scheduled a surgery date without hesitation and with the full confidence that I was in qualified hands. On the day of the procedure, while pacing nervously about, every member of the staff reassured me and offered soothing advice.

If you are considering any type of laser eye surgery, the South Texas Eye Institute with Dr. Marten is the place to go.