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Vital Steps for a Successful LASIK Result

Every patient wants to know their LASIK results will be exceptional, safe and complication free. At South Texas Eye Institute we believe there are certain vital steps or ingredients to ensure every patient will achieve the outcome they desire. Dr. Martėn and the other eye care professionals are committed to giving each patient the best results for a lifetime of great vision.

Thorough Evaluation with an Experienced LASIK Surgeon

Patients must have a thorough evaluation by an experienced LASIK surgeon to determine if they are good candidates for laser vision correction. South Texas Eye Institute is proud to have Dr. Lisa Martėn as its premier surgeon for LASIK, PRK and other specialties. Dr. Martėn has unique training in refractive surgery and its complications affording her the expertise to provide a detailed and careful evaluation of all LASIK patients.

Laser Vision Correction Pre-Op Instructions


During the evaluation a series of tests will confirm the depth of a patient’s cornea, the pressure inside the eye, and the overall health of each eye. Each eye will be measured and evaluated since no two eyes are alike. Dr. Martėn will use the information gathered during the evaluation and design a surgical plan to optimize the visual results. Accept nothing less than a comprehensive evaluation and beware of quick assessments.

LASIK: All-Laser – During the Procedure

PRK: Overview

Myrandah, Lasik Coordinator:
I am one of the Refractive Consultants at South Texas Eye Institute. I assist patients with initial Refractive screenings and take patients through consultation process from start to finish. Consultations consist of Diagnostic scans, vision check and discussing surgical options available as well as fee’s and finance options available. I also assist Dr. Marten during the surgical process.

I started my background in ophthalmology in 2011 where I started off as a technician and eventually worked my way up to become a refractive counselor. I am a “Certified Laser Technician”. I have thorough knowledge of LASIK and refractive procedures.

(Relating to a patient’s perspective)
I had lasik performed on my eyes in 2012 and have since been able to achieve 20/15 vision. Prior to having the procedure done I was dependent on both glasses and contacts and also had an astigmatism in both eyes.

My vision was bad enough to where I could not leave home without some type of correction. Glasses were a hassle and contacts become bothersome over time especially dealing with dryness. My night driving was becoming an issue and I suddenly found my vision becoming an issue with everyday activities such as reading, watching movies, tv and also trying to play sports, swimming, and etc.

I started to wonder what life would be like without the hassle of glasses or contacts and how nice it would be to open my eyes one day and wake up and have the ability to see clearly. Once I decided to make that dream a reality, my life changed!

Having Lasik gave me back the quality of life I was missing and I was finally able to say goodbye to glasses and contacts. I had the custom view technology and noticed a significant difference in my overall quality of vision, suddenly colors were more vibrant, I noticed a lot more detail in things and felt like I could see better than I ever did with glasses or contacts. All of my vision problems were suddenly a thing of the past! In my opinion, the custom view technology provides an HD quality treatment and corrects imperfections in the cornea that cannot be corrected with glasses or contacts giving you a more precise outcome.

I am now able enjoy quality vision and enjoy sunglasses on a bright sunny day, and see ranges of distance I never imagined prior to the surgery. Having lasik surgery was a life changing experience for me and probably one of the best decisions I have ever made for my vision.

Being a patient once myself gives me the ability to relate with patients considering having lasik or other refractive surgeries done. I would highly recommend Lasik as a surgical option for those considering having the procedure done if they qualify. It really does make an overall difference in your everyday life and vision. The first step is to scheduling a Lasik consultation and learning about your options.


Proper Postoperative Care

The post-operative care is equally important as the evaluation prior to surgery. Patients will receive prescribed medications, and understand what to expect as the healing process is evaluated on a regular schedule. Proper follow up care is essential for a complication free result.

Our Promise to Our Patients

There are no hidden costs or fees. The evaluation, procedure and post-operative care for a year are all included.

If you currently see an optometrist, we are happy to co-manage care with your doctor.

Our focus is medicine and not the business of laser centers. We provide laser vision correction exams and procedures every day. We do not allow medical decisions to be influenced by cost. LASIK is a surgical procedure and not a “fast and easy fix”. In the unlikely event of a complication, Dr. Martėn and our expert physicians are able to diagnose and treat any possible situation in the correct manner.

PRK: Post-Op

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If you are ready to enjoy life without contact lenses and glasses, contact the leaders in LASIK surgery at South Texas Eye Institute!