Can my vision be corrected to 20/20, for both reading & distance?

The Crystalens has been designed to focus your eyes at all distances after cataract surgery.  While virtually everyone will experience a significant improvement in their uncorrected vision after surgery, many people will not see 20/20 at all distances.  It is interesting to note that many people who have not had surgery are not able to see 20/20 at both near and far even with glasses or contact lenses.  If there is an ocular disease, 20/20 vision may not be achieved at all.  This is due to a variety of ocular and physiological problems as well as lifestyle preferences, yet most of these people function quite normally although their vision is reduced.

It is important to keep in mind that visual acuity is subjective and depends upon each individual’s own ocular and physiological conditions as well as lifestyle preferences. Most patients implanted with the Crystalens still require glasses for certain activities. (Courtesy of