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Advanced LASIK Technology

Laser vision correction using the excimer laser takes place after a flap is created. By utilizing the bladeless IntraLase system South Texas Eye Institute gives its patients the safest, thinnest, and most precise flap possible.

With this blade-free technology, there are fewer complications and less dryness after surgery. Combined with the WaveScan 3-D map of a patient’s eyes, the results are more precise and provide a better quality of vision after surgery.

Cutting-Edge Laser Vision Correction Technology in San Antonio

A leading facility for laser vision correction in San Antonio, South Texas Eye Institute uses the latest in refractive surgery technology to treat its patients.

Whether you require LASIK or ICL surgery, you can count on South Texas Eye Institute for high-quality laser vision correction. We are totally dedicated to exceptional patient care.


Person About to Have LASIK Eye Surgery

The VISX® Star S4 IR laser is a state-of-the-art, revolutionary tool designed for use in performing CustomVue™ LASIK. The Star S4 IR is equipped with 3D eye-tracking, Wavefront™ capabilities, and precision optics, all of which allow us to achieve outstanding, accurate results.

The laser, which is FDA approved, permits personalized treatment for the removal of minimal amounts of tissue, making it one of the safest tools available for LASIK surgery today.

To learn more about the VISX® Star S4 IR laser, please contact our laser vision correction office in San Antonio.

The WAVEPRINT™ System – Personalized Laser Vision Correction

South Texas Eye Institute is a full-service ophthalmic office. Refractive surgery procedures are accomplished within the facility with the latest in excimer laser techniques – the VISX® Waveprint™ System. With this system, called CustomVue™ LASIK, a precise and more detailed analysis of one’s vision can be produced, allowing for personalized laser vision correction.

Now, for the first time, the Waveprint™ Map provides information on more than just the corneal surface. It reveals the way the entire optical system processes light.

This customized laser refractive technique not only offers greater refractive precision but with the more detailed information that was previously unobtainable, it can produce better vision than is possible with contact lenses or glasses.

The Waveprint™ Map is the gold standard in vision measurement. Anyone who is considering laser vision correction should visit our San Antonio office and obtain a Waveprint™ Map as the first step.

Not everyone needs or is able to have CustomVue™ LASIK. The treatment plan should be personalized to each individual’s unique vision.

Types of LASIK Procedures


IntraLase®, available at our San Antonio, Texas office, is a femtosecond laser used to cut a corneal tissue flap. This technological advance now allows eye surgeons to create the corneal flap with levels of safety and precision not previously available.

This new technique provides the patient and the surgeon an alternative to the traditional microkeratome blade procedure for creating the tissue flap.

Not only have surgeons found the IntraLase® all-laser technique to offer unique safety advantages and greater precision, but they have also found that the IntraLase® all-laser capability has broadened the range of patients to whom LASIK can be offered.

Dr. Lisa Martén would be happy to personally discuss with you the exciting possibilities of treatment with IntraLase® and if the procedure is appropriate for your needs.

Instralase® Custom LASIK

Numerous patients have seen astonishing vision improvements since refractive surgery was introduced. These procedures have seen more frequent success at South Texas Eye Institute. Our eye doctors at the San Antonio, Texas office will help determine the best refractive surgery option for you.

Download our brochure on Intralase Custom LASIK!

Customvue LASIK

We offer CustomVue™ LASIK at our San Antonio, Texas office. CustomVue™ is the newest, most advanced technology in custom laser vision correction. It is superior to conventional laser correction alone.

Download our brochure on Customvue LASIK!

Customized to your eyes’ unique vision needs, this technology also makes it easy to correct for higher-order aberrations affecting vision in low light situations.

The CustomVue™ procedure is performed in three steps. First, each of your eyes’ unique aberrations is captured and mapped using a Wavefront™ technology device.

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Next, each eye’s Wavefront™ map is fed into a computer to guide the laser during the vision correction process. Finally, the excimer laser reshapes each cornea.

Your vision is corrected more precisely and accurately using CustomVue™ custom laser technology. Because the Wavefront™ map is a direct reflection of your eyes’ unique needs, the result is superior to other vision correction techniques.

Using CustomVue™ technology during laser vision correction translates into fewer problems with glare and halos after the procedure.

Iris Registration is an upgraded technology that adjusts to patient eye movement with ActiveTrak. This also improves the accuracy of the treatment by centering the ablation over the patient’s natural pupil.

Both custom LASIK and IntraLase® have had amazing success. When performed by a qualified refractive surgeon, such procedures have been known to restore vision in a high percentage of patients. Thus, more people are turning to refractive surgery to reduce their lifelong dependency on glasses and contacts.

To speak with a staff member of the South Texas Eye Institute about custom LASIK or IntraLase®, contact our San Antonio office today.

LASIK and Presbyopia

Unlike the other refractive errors, presbyopia is not caused by the shape of the eye, but by the aging of the eye. A young, healthy eye is able to use the accommodation, the ability to shift focus from near to far (and all distances in between).

However, as the eye ages, the eye’s crystalline lens begins to lose its flexibility and has trouble focusing on near objects. Typically around the age of 40, a person will notice difficulty with close-up tasks, like reading.

Nearsighted individuals may be able to see better simply by removing their glasses for near tasks. Others will either need to get bifocals (if they already wear glasses for farsightedness or astigmatism) or begin to use reading glasses.

Because the hardening of the eye’s lens is a natural part of the aging process, all adults will eventually be affected by presbyopia.

Presbyopia: Treatment Overview

Looking for an alternative to wearing reading glasses from presbyopia? Consider a monovision procedure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

Another option for you if you are a nearsighted presbyopic patient is monovision. Your dominant eye is corrected to be able to focus for distance vision and your other eye is focused for near vision.

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Choosing an Experienced Refractive Surgeon in San Antonio, TX

South Texas Eye Institute is an established leader in laser vision correction surgery. We have helped thousands of patients achieve a lens-free lifestyle by utilizing only the most advanced and safest technology in refractive surgery. We are always searching out new and improved ways to help our patients attain the vision of their dreams.

Your eyesight is much too important to entrust to just anyone. Patients who are ready to see the world with clear vision and are tired of dealing with their glasses and contact lenses have placed their trust in Dr. Marten’s care at South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio.

We began performing refractive surgery in the 1980s and were the first to perform laser vision correction in San Antonio. We now offer IntraLase®, the blade-free LASIK procedure, to our patients because it provides the most advanced technology available. iLASIK is safer and more precise than other procedures.

Millions of patients worldwide have had laser eye surgery in the last 25 years, and it maintains the highest rate of satisfaction than any other elective surgery. For those patients who wish to eliminate or reduce their reliance on glasses and contact lenses, this remarkable procedure gives the ability to enhance their quality of life.

“…She gave me all instructions to follow after surgery; I had no pain at all, some discomfort for a couple of hours, by night I saw much better than before surgery; to my surprise, that evening, Dr. Marten called me personally to see how I was feeling; that’s something you don’t see much anymore; I was so thankful.”

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