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My eyesight was really bad, and I would fumble with contact lenses on a daily basis. When I put on my glasses, I felt like a different person.

Javier Villarreal, LASIK Patient

I have lived most of my life with glasses. Very uncomfortable. Over time my vision got worse, and worse, and worse. I was considered legally blind. My glasses were thick and heavy. Made it hard to breath through my nose. I went to a LASIK center not to far from STEI about two and a half years ago. The doctor there told me that I wouldn’t be able to get LASIK, only PRK.

Plus the price they quoted me left me at a point where I figured I’d never be able to get it. Just a couple of weeks ago I saw an add on Facebook for South Texas Eye Institute that struck my interest. I figured that I would give it a shot for a second opinion. When I contacted them I spoke to Myrandah. Myrandah answered every question I had to ask. Not only that, she made me feel very comfortable over something I was pretty scared of having. Her knowledge was quite astounding.

After all testing was done I met Dr. Martén. Dr. Martén spoke to me for a while and after telling her I was told by another place I can only have PRK. She disagreed. Told me I was fully capable of having LASIK. Which made me very happy/excited. Scheduled an appointment for 2/16/16. I just had lasik yesterday 2/17/16. Performed by Dr. Martén. Who also kept me very comfortable through out the procedure. She truly is an awesome individual/professional. The whole procedure took maybe a few minutes at most.

Today I am now seeing 20/15. So coming from being considered legally blind to 20/15 is a miracle made by Dr. Martén and her staff. Thank you to Dr. Martén, Myrandah, and the rest of South Texas Eye institute for changing my life for the better. I will forever be grateful. If you or someone you know is thinking or planning on having LASIK, PRK or anything concerning your eyes.

I highly recommend that you contact South Texas Eye institute.

Anthony, PRK Patient

My journey to the South Texas Eye Institute began with my husband having PRK surgery. He despised glasses and refused to wear them so often that we considered laser surgery to be his best course of action. Within the first moments of his appointment, I was undeniably impressed. While checking his eyes and discussing the types of options available, the staff addressed every question, concern or fear he voiced.

Not only that but every test was verified for the best reading. If something didn’t look right or seemed questionable, he was retested. This amount of detail and care made us feel confident that Dr. Marten and her staff had his best interest in mind. During and after his surgery, Dr. Marten and her staff continued to show the same enthusiasm and interest towards his eye health. Everyone seemed to remember him and walking into the office felt like seeing old friends.

About a year after my husband’s procedure, I made the leap to have corrective surgery. Much like my husband’s first appointment, I was astounded at the care, dedication, and attentiveness of the staff. Our main contact, Myrandah, is undeniably amazing at her job. After determining that I qualified for Lasik, she broke down all the differences from PRK that I would experience.

Despite my nervous tendencies, I scheduled a surgery date without hesitation and with the full confidence that I was in qualified hands. On the day of the procedure, while pacing nervously about, every member of the staff reassured me and offered soothing advice.

If you are considering any type of laser eye surgery, the South Texas Eye Institute with Dr. Marten is the place to go.

Sarah A., LASIK Patient

I am a lawyer and do a lot of reading. My contacts would get dry and it was annoying to wear glasses. My eyesight was really bad. I have been wearing glasses since second grade. I chose to get lasik here with Dr. Marten. She was very thorough and answered all of my questions very well. Now I can see 20/20 and do activities without wearing contacts or glasses. It is very convenient.

Cassie R., LASIK Patient

I absolutely loved everything about STEI. I can’t even put into words how grateful I am for basically changing my life. I used to wake up scared wondering where my glasses are and if they aren’t with arms reach where are they. Or I’d be on my hands and knees looking for them on the floor. And now I wake up and it’s like wow. I have clear sky’s ahead of me. Such a huge difference I’m just in awe. So thankful for everything they’ve given to me.

Heather M., LASIK Patient

The service is exceptional. Dr Marten is an amazing doctor. She helped me with an eye injury a few years ago and so I trusted her to carry out my lasik procedure recently. Dr Marten and the team have done a great job and my vision is better than when I had glasses before the surgery.

Stephen, LASIK Patient

I would highly recommend South Texas Eye Institute.

South Texas Eye Institute, Is probably the best medical experience I’ve had; Place is great, clean, organized, world class; staff is kind and service is fantastic; Dr. Marten is the best and kindest Dr. I’ve been with; goes above and beyond; I had Lasik surgery, prior surgery I had an appointment with Yvette, which is great; she made all tests needed and schedule surgery; before I had a mother appointment with Dr. Marten; she was kind and extremely knowledgable since we met; she explained the procedure and ask if I had doubts or questions…. all great… saw her the day for surgery which is so fast, you don’t even have time to get nervous.

She gave me all instructions to follow after surgery; I had no pain at all, some discomfort for a couple of hours, by night I saw much better than before surgery; to my surprise, that evening, Dr. Marten called me personally to see how I was feeling; that’s something you don’t see much anymore; I was so thankful.

I had several post surgery appointments and all has been incredibly good; she’s and the institute, deserves the best possible rating.

Thanks for the great experience.

Jose F., LASIK Patient

Dr. Marten, and her professional, friendly staff, deserve 5 stars for their excellent care and service. I had my LASIK done by Dr. Marten and she did an excellent job. She and her staff were very thorough in their exam. They answered all my questions and gave me all the information I needed to make an informed and confident decision to have LASIK.

Dr. Marten has a very warm bedside manner. She is friendly and set me at ease. I can see that reflected in her staff.
I have continued to see Dr. Marten for other services she provides and refer her to all who ask. Even though I live in Corpus Christi, I consider the distance a small price to pay for the level of care that South Texas Eye Institute provides.

Happy Doctors Day Dr. Marten! I wish all doctors showed the care that you do. The world is a better place and more beautiful through the vision you give your patients.

Cynthia H., LASIK Patient

The staff is friendly and very attentive. I like the expansion that they have done. Not a lot of offices provide snacks, water, and coffee in the break room but this one does which is nice. It is also pretty convenient. Dr. Marten has been taking care of my eyes since 2008. I can read teleprompter for my sports TV work more clearly.

Larry R., Eye Care Patient

I had surgery for cataract in my right eye. My eyes finally started getting better from the discharge and improved a lot by Dr. Marten by me coming in frequently. I chose this place to get surgery because I was impressed by Dr. Marten’s qualifications too. Before that I had my left eye done and I was so impressed by my vision and could see so well! Dr. Marten seems to really care and is very nice and soft spoken.

Elida P., Cataract Patient