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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery involves the removal of the clouded lens and substitute of a clear, synthetic one. The lens is broken up with an ultrasonic probe and suctioned out through a microscopic incision.

Once the old lens has been removed, a synthetic intraocular lens is inserted. A variety of IOL implants may be used depending on the patient and the circumstances of the procedure.

Chart Illustrating the Cataract Surgery Process

LENSAR® Technology

We now offer laser-assisted cataract surgery to improve precision and safety during your procedure. The femtosecond technology coupled with incision planning, corneal marking, and integration of pre-op data allows for top-notch results in laser-assisted cataract removal.

Watch this video about the amazing benefits of laser-assisted cataract surgery versus surgery under the blade.

ORA Technology

We can use the new ORA system to better predict results and decrease the margin of error in lens selection. ORA is an intraoperative aberrometer that uses surgeon optimized software for the most accurate lens selection in patients with high astigmatism, post-LASIK patients, or those with very dense cataracts. Real-time capture of measurements after cataract removal improves accuracy and maximizes the lens power selection.

At South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio, cataract surgery has benefited countless patients whose vision was fading, many who were nearly blind. If you live in the San Antonio, Texas area and would like further information about cataract surgery, contact South Texas Eye Institute today!