Laser Eye Surgery

San Antonio Refractive Surgery

In the past few decades, perhaps no elective procedure has had a more dramatic effect on patients’ lives than refractive surgery aka laser eye surgery. South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio offers several refractive surgery options to improve your vision:

  1. IntraLase® custom LASIK
  2. ICL
  3. PRK
  4. Refractive Lens Exchange

Two of our more popular procedures are custom LASIK and PRK surgery. Both have proven to be safe and effective and success rates continue to climb. Our refractive surgery office will help determine which procedure is best suited to your situation. This video explains the different options for laser eye surgery.

Refractive Surgery Options

How Laser Eye Surgery Works

Laser eye surgery procedures adjust the shape of a patient’s cornea or lens, the anterior segment of the eye. This changes the focal point of the light that passes through the eye, correctly focusing it onto the surface of the retina (the nerve layer at the back of the eye that transmits visual images to the brain).

Contact our refractive surgery office and we are happy to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have about our vision correction procedures.