Presbyopia LASIK Eye Treatment

LASIK and Presbyopia

Unlike the other refractive errors, presbyopia is not caused by the shape of the eye, but by the aging of the eye. A young, healthy eye is able to use the accommodation, the ability to shift focus from near to far (and all distances in between).

However, as the eye ages, the eye’s crystalline lens begins to lose its flexibility and has trouble focusing on near objects. Typically around the age of 40, a person will notice difficulty with close-up tasks, like reading.

Nearsighted individuals may be able to see better simply by removing their glasses for near tasks. Others will either need to get bifocals (if they already wear glasses for farsightedness or astigmatism) or begin to use reading glasses.

Because the hardening of the eye’s lens is a natural part of the aging process, all adults will eventually be affected by presbyopia.

Presbyopia: Treatment Overview

Looking for an alternative to wearing reading glasses from presbyopia? Consider a monovision procedure instead of a LASIK procedure!

Another option for you if you are a nearsighted presbyopic patient is monovision. Your dominant eye is corrected to be able to focus for distance vision and your other eye is focused for near vision.

You can determine if monovision is the best solution for you! Book now at (210) 692-1388 to test out your new pair of eyes using monovision surgery!