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Why Is Eye Dilation Important?

Are you thinking about getting a comprehensive eye exam? Do you ever wonder why your eye doctor needs to dilate your eyes? There are many parts to an eye exam, but the part that is often remembered the most is eye dilation. Most patients do not understand the importance of getting a comprehensive eye exam […]

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Should You Undergo Monovision Or Refractive Lens Exchange?

All adults will reach an age where their reading vision is compromised by presbyopia. It happens to everyone around age 40. At the same time, you have not reached the age where cataracts have clouded your vision and you need surgery to remove them. So you have maybe 30-40 years before cataracts develop. So you […]

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Why You Can’t Ignore the Floaters and Flashes in Your Eye

Have you ever opened your eyes and noticed dots or specks drifting around in your field of vision? What about flashes of light that appear artificial, like you’re looking into a pair of headlights? If the answer is yes, you’ve likely experienced floaters and flashes. When it happens, you might first wonder if you’re seeing […]

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