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Monthly Archives: October 2017

6 Myths About LASIK

Even though LASIK has been successfully performed for decades, substantial misinformation—LASIK myths—persist. They continue to be passed along via social media, word of mouth and the internet. We are never surprised to hear these fears and myths from our patients, but sometimes patients are too afraid to ask us about them. They become the elephant […]

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The Importance Of Timing: When Should You Get LASIK?

“Timing is everything” is a familiar axiom. Timing is important in relationships, buying stocks or a new home, starting a family, or acquiring the absolute latest technology. Too soon or too late can make all the difference. When it comes to having LASIK surgery, there are only a few caveats, but ultimately it really comes […]

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LASIK: Is It Worth It?

Obviously we think LASIK is well worth it; it’s one of the surgeries we perform here at South Texas Eye Institute. We see how it changes patients’ lives on a daily basis. We can objectively answer this question from two perspectives: the qualitative and the quantitative. Not to make this confusing, we will simplify it […]

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6 Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals And Keep Your Eyes Safe

San Antonio is a city with great weather most of the year, allowing its residents to explore outdoor activities and participate in all manner of sports and fitness training. On any given day you can see folks of every age biking for pleasure, biking to work, running cross country or just plain walking. Some are […]

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