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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Which Cosmetic Products Are Safe For Your Eyes

Women spend time searching for the latest lash building mascara, the newest color of shadow and the perfect liner. Who doesn’t want to look attractive and perhaps get a compliment or two? Back to our question, which cosmetic products are safe for your eyes? According to the FDA, the answer is that most cosmetic products […]

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Do I Have Dry Eye Or Allergies?

It’s that time of year again. During the Fall and Spring, many of us experience itchy, watery red eyes. Others may suffer from burning and a gritty feeling. Wearing contact lenses becomes almost unbearable as we wonder: Do I have dry eye or allergies? The confusion arises as many symptoms from dry eye and allergies […]

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Dermatochalasis & Blepharoplasty

WHAT IS DERMATOCHALASIS? Many people, as they age, notice saggy or loose skin on top of their eyelids. At times the skin may even touch the eyelashes. This is called dermatochalasis, which just means “too much skin.” This can be merely cosmetic or bothersome to you, but can also be severe enough to cause a […]

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