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Category: News

Want a New Look? It’s as Easy as Seeing Your Eye Doctor!

Everyone wants to look their best. Do you buy new clothes every season, get your hair done before fall, or try to stay stylish? Even by doing all this, it’s easy to feel stuck in a style rut. You may feel like your look is outdated or tired.  One place that’s easy to start is […]

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What Your Eye Doctor Wants You to Know About Keeping Vision Sharp

Does your vision seem blurry or distorted? Do you struggle when you try to see your computer screen at work? Even if you’ve never needed glasses or other visual aids before, it may be time. Sharp vision is an essential part of keeping your vision healthy and being able to see the world around you. […]

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Eyecare Tips and Tricks to Try Before Buying New Glasses

Are your glasses scratched, damaged, or old? Do you find you have to wiggle them around when you wear them because they no longer fit snuggly? If your glasses won’t stay up on your face or you can barely see when you wear them, they aren’t doing you much good. The better question is, when […]

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