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Intraoperative Wavefront Aberrometry & the Future of Cataract Surgery

If you have not heard this tongue twister previously, let us explain intraoperative wavefront aberrometry & the future of cataract surgery in language you can understand.

Cataract surgery has come a long way in the last several decades. From your grandfather’s cataract surgery results to today’s results represent an amazing leap forward.

Now a new generation of seniors can benefit from intraoperative wavefront aberrometry.

Cataract Surgery Then and Now

Back during your grandfather’s cataract surgery, there was ‘one size fits all’ for vision after cataracts. His distance vision was corrected, but he definitely needed glasses for any other task like reading or simply looking across the kitchen table.

Then came the age of premium IOLs. Patients have been able to choose from different lenses to meet their individual lifestyle. Depending on how they live their lives, how active they are, and what they tend to do the most, an IOL is chosen to give them the vision they require.

Today’s seniors are youthful, participate in various sports and activities, travel and just like to enjoy life. They don’t accept mediocre vision.

The Future is Now

Cataract surgeons have always conducted a thorough eye exam and took lots of measurements of your eyes. More recently they have been able to map the curvature of your cornea known as corneal topography to help them determine the right strength for your intraocular lens.

The results were based on all these tests prior to surgery

Cataract Surgery with Wavefront Aberrometry

Now the surgeons at South Texas Eye Institute no longer have to completely rely on those earlier tests.

What’s different?

With intraoperative wavefront aberrometry our cataract surgeons can make real time adjustments to the measurements during the surgery.

Guided by the aberrometer, they are able to fine tune the measurements during surgery to make them more precise and tailor the procedure for each patient’s eyes. Aberrometry allows our doctors to continually assess the eye throughout the procedure.

The result is more precision to whatever IOL is being implanted. It is especially helpful for patients who have previously had LASIK or have astigmatism by giving them more predicable outcomes.

Combined with the most advanced technology including:

  • Laser cataract technology
  • State of the art premium IOLs
  • Wavefront Aberrometry

Today’s cataract patients can experience the best results possible at South Texas Eye Institute.

Don’t settle for outdated cataract surgery. Experience the future of cataract surgery now with intraoperative wavefront aberrometry.

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