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5 Reasons University Students Should Consider LASIK

It’s back to school time for our college and university students. Parents are frantically purchasing all the necessities for dorm life as their son or daughter heads to college. Even if this isn’t a student’s first year of college, among the many essential tools they will need to achieve success is great vision.

We have compiled 5 reasons university students should consider LASIK. Parents should pay attention too.

#1 Long Hours Studying

At least parents hope this is the norm. Long hours of reading, doing research online and cramming for exams takes its toll on our eyes. Wearing contact lenses makes these activities even more painful. Eyes become tired, dry, red and uncomfortable, and distract students from the tasks at hand.

Sitting in front of a computer for too long causes our eyes to become fatigued and vision to become blurry. Even if a student wears glasses, the same is true. Artificial tears soothe only for a short time, and with each distraction – concentration is lost.

LASIK surgery would eliminate the distress from lens wear and allow students to give their full attention to their studies. The number of headaches and the amount of eye strain would be reduced.

College life presents enough distractions, so eliminating this particular one gives university students a distinct advantage.

#2 University Dorm Life

Students are usually quite shocked at how small dorm room spaces are – usually questioning how they will fit all their belongings. Once they accept the situation of tight spaces, shared bathrooms and reducing their amount of stuff, they must face the reality of living in tight quarters with others. We might call dorms, showers and college bathrooms breeding grounds for bacteria and many germs.

Eye infections are common with improper cleaning and maintenance of contact lenses. Some roommates may even think they can borrow contact lenses like they might do with clothing or other personal items. Combine that with late nights hitting the books, falling asleep and forgetting to remove contacts appropriately, and you have a nasty infection waiting to happen.

No one wants to suffer from an eye infection especially while away from home.

#3 Seeing the Big Picture

From attending football games to sitting in large classrooms with screens and white boards, having good distance vision is especially crucial both for academics and social occasions.

Being lens free will make college life more fun and also help students stay in focus no matter what they are doing. Driving, taking a date to the movies, searching for someone across campus or maybe just across the room all become effortless after LASIK surgery.

#4 Saves Money

Yes it’s true. It’s a great time to consider LASIK now while in university because it will save money in the long run.  University students should consider LASIK now since it will provide decades without glasses or contact lenses getting in the way.

If you add up all the new contact lenses, new glasses, eye appointments, cleaning solutions, wetting drops and all the assorted paraphernalia that accompanies wearing glasses and contacts for the many years to come, (take a breath!) the one-time cost of LASIK surgery is by far more economical.

Money is always tight in college, so South Texas Eye Institute offers financing to make LASIK more affordable than ever with low monthly payment plans.

#5 Life is Just More Fun without Glasses and Contacts

Of course parents hope that their university students will concentrate more on their academic studies, but college life should be fun too.

Having LASIK gives student more freedom to enjoy all aspects of their life.
Social life is an important part of college and without the worries of contacts or the hassle of glasses, it could be even better.

  • Participating in sports like soccer, swimming, tennis and not worrying about an eye injury
  • Never losing a contact lens again during a social event
  • Watching sports without glasses and seeing the plays
  • Enjoying outside activities in the fall without excessive allergy issues
  • Sitting right next to a certain someone in class without your clunky glasses
  • Then there’s spring break

Young people are all about freedom, and nothing is more “freeing” than living a lens-free lifestyle. Discover what it’s like when there is nothing to get in between you and the world– NOW and for decades to come.

See how university life can be more productive and fun without your glasses or contacts.

Visit South Texas Eye Institute for a free LASIK evaluation.

As a university student you should consider LASIK Now.