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Which Cosmetic Products Are Safe For Your Eyes

Women spend time searching for the latest lash building mascara, the newest color of shadow and the perfect liner. Who doesn’t want to look attractive and perhaps get a compliment or two?

Back to our question, which cosmetic products are safe for your eyes? According to the FDA, the answer is that most cosmetic products found in the US are safe for your eyes. However, problems arise from “user error.” As long as they are used properly and as directed, you can expect them to be safe for your eyes.

Application Safety

In order to apply eye makeup safely, there are some precautions to follow.

  • Always start with clean hands
  • If you wear contact lenses, insert them prior to applying your eye makeup
  • Only apply eye makeup when you are stationary; never in a moving vehicle
  • If you are sampling makeup in a department store, be sure that brushes and applicators are fresh and new for each customer.
  • Never share makeup.
  • Replace frequently to avoid bacteria buildup.

Careless application can lead to multiple eye issues. These guidelines assure that you will not transfer bacteria to your eyes causing infection or inflammation.

Other precautions will prevent you from scratching your cornea with a mascara wand, for instance. Corneal abrasions are painful and need immediate treatment by your eye doctor.

Removal Ritual

How and when you remove your makeup is similarly important.

Never go to bed with eye makeup. Be diligent to carefully and gently remove every trace of liners, shadows and mascara with a gentle cleanser. Then use a cotton tip to gently clean the remaining debris from between lashes and lid edges.

Always remove contact lenses prior to removing your eye makeup.

Sleeping with your eye makeup and your contact lenses is the worst case scenario. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria possibly resulting in serious eye issues like conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers and inflammations.

Be a Miser

Even if mom told you that sharing was the right thing to do, here is one big exception. Never share your makeup with anyone, and never use someone else’s. Bacteria collects on applicators making you susceptible to cross contamination and the chance to develop an inflammation or infection.

Some Final Thoughts

Should you develop an inflammation or infection, be sure to throw away all your makeup and purchase new ones.

Follow the 6 month rule and replace most makeup after 6 months. Most mascara should be replaced every 3-4 months.

If you develop symptoms of an eye irritation like redness, discharge, or pain, consult South Texas Eye Institute immediately.

You might even consider LASIK to eliminate your need for contact lenses. Yes, it is possible to have unforgettable eyes and keep them safe and healthy too.

Contact the eye professionals at South Texas Eye Institute today for your next eye appointment.