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Benefits Of ORA Technology For Cataract Patients

Today’s seniors are active, energetic and won’t allow their age to stop them from enjoying everything life has to offer. So when the inevitable time arrives and they need cataract surgery, they want the latest and best technology available.

South Texas Eye Institute has invested in the advanced ORA System for cataract surgery patients. This remarkable laser technology offers both the surgeon and patient the best outcomes available today.

Let us explain how and why.

How The ORA System Works

ORA stands for Optiwave Refractive Analysis. It uses a wavefront analysis of the eye to improve accuracy and provide better outcomes for today’s cataract patients.

Up until recently, traditional cataract technology measurements were taken prior to surgery to determine the type and power of the artificial lens implant. Then, after surgery, measurements were taken again to determine if the visual results were satisfactory. Sometimes they needed fine-tuning.

The ORA system allows Dr. Marten to get real time and multiple measurements of your eye during the cataract procedure. A low intensity laser projects on the retina to give the surgeon the ability to make corrections and changes while the surgery is proceeding to deliver the best results.

After the natural lens is removed and Dr. Marten inserts the new lens, she can check if the eye is in proper focus. If not, she can make any necessary changes she deems will improve the outcome while surgery is still in progress, including the following:

  • The surgeon can refine the power of the new intraocular lens (IOL) for the sharpest visual outcome;
  • The surgeon can change the placement of the lens for better focus; and
  • The surgeon can choose a different lens to improve the results.

These improvements in cataract surgery are the hallmark of the ORA system.

Important Benefits For Today’s Cataracts Patients

Using the ORA technology, patients can expect a number of advantages over traditional cataract surgery.

The ORA technology takes precise measurements during the procedure, affording patients a more precise outcome.

Patients will have an improved quality of vision and reduce the need for glasses after cataract surgery.

It provides a fully customized procedure for each eye.

The system can predict the desired results more accurately.

ORA will decrease the chance for error.

Better results are attained for those patients with a dense cataract or high astigmatism.

Post LASIK patients achieve more consistent results with the ORA system.

You Deserve The Best

Using the ORA system at South Texas Eye Institute gives our patients the opportunity to realize optimal outcomes after their cataract surgery.

You deserve the best technology and you will find it at South Texas Eye Institute.
Contact us and find out how the ORA System will improve your cataract surgery results.