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South Texas Eye Institute Siclovia YMCA Community Bike Contest

Winner of B-Eye-Cycle Drawing Contest


Patients voted Karina as the proud winner of a dazzling blue bike + helmet from the South Texas Eye Institute B-EYE-Cycle drawing contest. The drawing contest for the YMCA of Greater San Antonio​ after school program guidelines were to combine the concept of a bicycle and an eye. This contest occurred during the month of October as part of promoting bicycle eye safety and helmet awareness.

We also partnered with Síclovía Downtown San Antonio​ where we handed out over a 100 helmets and had bikers take a helmet B-eye-cycle Facebook filter selfie to help spread helmet and eye safety awareness. Overall, we enjoyed partnering with Texas Medical Association​, YMCA​, and Siclovia​ and hope to partner again soon! Congrats Karina on being the B-EYE-Cycle winner once again!

Please see other beautiful B-EYE-Cycle inspired drawings below.

More About Siclovia Event

On Sunday, October 22,  South Texas Eye Institutes handed over a 100 helmets at the Siclovia YMCA Bike Event off Broadway St., Downtown San Antonio.  A 100 people received a  bike helmet and took a picture with a B-EYE-Cycle Facebook filter in honor of bike helmet & eye safety awareness month.

Síclovía is a free event that turns major city streets into a safe place for people to exercise and play. The streets become temporarily car-free for about 5 hours on Sundays for families to run, ride bikes, take exercise classes and enjoy their city streets. Learn more at:

B-eye-cycle Facebook Filter Instructions:

1. Search under Facebook app on your phone “South Texas Eye Institute” & click like.

2.  Click the link to access the filter:

3. Click the middle buttons to take a selfie using the Beyecycle filter
(see example below) & wearing your FREE bike helmet.

4. Tag “@South Texas Eye Institute” in your post.