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South Texas Eye Institute is recognized for Ethics in San Antonio

South Texas Eye Institute is the proud recipient of BBB’s 2017 Torch Awards for EthicsTeam South Texas Eye Institute At 2017 Torch Awards


South Texas Eye Institute is proud to announce it is one of four businesses to receive the honor of being named Better Business Bureau Torch Awards for Ethics winners.

South Texas Eye Institute provides eye care in San Antonio for over 25 years. Four doctors offer urgent and routine eye care, Lasik, cataract surgeries, and aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Lisa Marten, owner, and the entire team at South Texas Eye Institute were excited to learn that they had been chosen. “We’re honored to be acknowledged for our ethical business practices,” said Dr. Lisa Marten.  

South Texas Eye Institute’s mission is to provide the highest quality Ophthalmology services in a setting that is attractive to patients of all ethnic and educational backgrounds, that is cost effective, and meets the needs of our community.

On September 6, 2017, Carrie A. Hurt, President/CEO for BBB serving the Heart of Texas presented the 2017 Torch Awards for Ethics honor to our staff at our office located at 2424 Babcock Rd, Ste 101, San Antonio, TX 78229. “We applaud the contributions this business has shown in upholding a trustworthy marketplace,” Hurt said.

BBB serving Heart of Texas presents the Torch Awards for Ethics each year to businesses that exemplify ethical behavior and display integrity in all aspects of its operations. The Torch Awards competition is open to all for-profit businesses headquartered in BBB Austin’s 105-county service area. Nominees are offered the opportunity to submit an entry to BBB Austin, where a panel of independent volunteer business and community leaders review the entries and choose the winners based on a set of criteria.

To learn more about South Texas Eye Institute, how we do business and the services we offer, please contact us at 210-692-1388 or  schedule an appointment online today!


South Texas Eye Institute Staff Feedback  about Ethics, their Job, & the community

Watch our interview with the Better Business Bureau in regards to what it means to practice ethics and what it means to us to be the recipient of the 2017 Winner of Better Business Bureau serving the Heart of Texas’ Torch Award for Ethics.

We conducted a staff survey asking the following questions:

  • Why are you passionate about what you do?
  • Please talk about ethics as it relates to your job and the community.
  • What does being recognized for ethical practices in the marketplace mean to you as an employee of STEI?

Why are you passionate about what you do?

“Caring for people has always been a part of who I am. Nothing makes me happier than taking care of people and sharing compassion and empathy. In fact, the best part of my day is when a patient leaves my room knowing that they have been provided the best prognosis. It is because of STEI that we can do that.”  -Dr. Leon

“My job allows me to follow anatomy which I love. I am able to work closely with our doctors to help treat of prevent multiple eye diseases. I take pride in knowing my work along with our doctor’s work helps my fellow Texans keep or regain sight. Eyes are windows to our souls.”-Priscilla, Procedures / Photos

“I’m passionate about this job because I love getting to guide our patients through cataract surgery. Helping them accomplish getting their vision and independence again.”-Braeden, Surgical Coordinator

“I enjoy helping people achieve improved refractive vision with the advanced technology of surgery. I was once a patient myself with poor vision. Lasik was life changing for me. It’s a great feeling seeing smiling faces on post-op day.”-Myrandah, Lasik Coordinator

“I was a LASIK patient before I started working for South Texas Eye Institute. Due to the high quality care and the genuine staff interactions I experienced, I decided to work as a marketer. I wanted to help advocate for others to experience the high quality care that I received here. It makes me excited to go to work because of the relationships I have built up with staff members and with patients. I love capturing patient stories to share with others through digital and traditional marketing platforms. I am also passionate about creating marketing campaigns that also give back to the community such as implementing a diabetic eye awareness dance video campaign, or having a booth at local community events.” –Lily, Marketer

“I love being able to provide care for my patients eyes and overall health. Being able to connect with my patients to help[ them better understand their eye conditions and how the eyes allow us to evaluate for other medical conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.”-Dr. Lehr

“Patient care feels awesome to have such a great relationship with our patients.”-Linda, Front Desk

“I love what I do because I believe in helping others. I also enjoy interacting with patients and assisting in the eye care needs.”-Yvette, Refractive Surgery Coordinator / Administration

“I love to help people. It’s very rewarding when people tell you thank you and let you know how much you helped them.”-Marisa, Technician

“I first became passionate about eye care as a young person because I went to the eye doctor for so many years. When I was older and realized the connection of the systemic of the health of the eyes. It made me very hungry to know more-it has lasted my whole adult life, the hunger to know more.”-Kathy, Technician

“I enjoy helping others. I like being a great team. Always learning knowledge (sometimes new) through the years of experience and education from Dr. Marten and associates.” –Paula, Scribe

Please talk about ethics as it relates to your job and the community.

Especially considering my background in other practices, I have to admit to work in a practice that really is in the business of healthcare makes me proud.”-Kathy, Technician

“I believe that ethics is the cornerstone of being a doctor because that’s what guides our patient encounters and our treatments for every patient. Our patients rely on our expertise and recommendations and our ethical codes as doctors is to place that patients care above anything else and to do no harm.” -Dr. Lehr

“I think it is very important that you always hold yourself in a respectful manner because we represent our family and our employer.”-Marisa, Technician

“Customer service is key. It is important how patients are treated”. – Linda, Front Desk
“Being an eye care provider means that we are heavily invested in ethics. We need to be able to provide for our patients and their community to the best of our ability. It is our goal that when a patient steps thorough the door they are given the best chance possible to maximize their vision and their daily lives.” -Dr. Leon

“It is very important to me to always comply with ethical behavior. Respecting, caring, and being fair to our patients are my number o e priority.”-Yvette, Refractive Surgery Coordinator / Administration

“I am happy to know South Texas Eye Institute is highly respected in our community. I take pride in my work. I am good at what I do and look forward to growing with South Texas Eye Institute”-Priscilla, Procedures / Photos

“Our providers go above and beyond when it comes to one on one consults with patients; going the extra mile to help get our patient to surgery and helping patients with payment plans to help them with deductibles and co-pays.” –Ron

“Ethics-allows you to recognize and distinguish between right from wrong. Every person is important no matter what race, gender, ethnicity, or beliefs. No one should be treated like a number or clinical calculation. Everyone should be given a chance to be treated as a unique individual who matters.” –Paula, Scribe

“It is important to share proper and accurate knowledge with others. Important to show compassion and care and let patients know we have their best interest invested with eye care.” -Myrandah, Lasik Coordinator

“I believe that it is essential to practice ethics and to stay relevant with healthcare marketing industry guidelines. I take a conscientious approach to my work which also influences the brand of South Texas Eye Institute. I aim to align our marketing campaigns to showcase our business in the most correct and upstanding manner as possible. For the community, I help educate others about our services in a mindful manner whether it is in or out of the office, or online.” –Lily, Marketer


What does being recognized for ethical practices in the marketplace mean to you as an employee of STEI?

“Seeing how hard Dr. Marten works helps me push myself to do better and be better. I am happy to call STEI my second home. I’ve never worked in a place that was more family oriented and that is hard to find. I am blessed.” –Priscilla, Procedures / Photos

“It means a lot as a doctor. Ethics is at the forefront of my mind. You always need to be cognizant of what is being offered to the patient in terms of care. Knowing, South Texas Eye Institute is at the forefront of ethical practices to me is to know that everything we are doing is for the betterment of the patient.” -Dr. Leon

“I think we are fair clinic. We treat everyone equal and show respect no matter who you are.” -Braeden, Surgical Coordinator

“It is an honor to work for a practice that is actually recognized for ethics and treatment of patients. However, this is the daily routine at South Texas Eye Institute, where we constantly try to find new ways to improve our patient’s quality of life and treat them with compassion.”-Dr. Lehr

“To me, it means that STEI, our team values the importance of good ethical behavior toward our patients. It is important to set an example, by staying positive, communicating with each other and always being professional.”-Yvette, Refractive Surgery Coordinator / Administration

“It goes to show what I already know; patient’s healthcare is our main priority at South Texas Eye Institute… Also, knowing STEI cares about is employers.”-Ron, Billing

“Being recognized for ethical practice is a great feeling. Knowing I work for a practice that chooses quality over quantity makes a world of difference. True patient care matters. It is a great feeling knowing you are a part of acing a difference through improved vision.” –Myrandah, Lasik Coordinator

“It means everything to me. Rewards feel good especially being honored for what we do.” –Linda, Front Desk

“It is an advantage! It can help create a positive image and work environment. It can help build a good reputation, build patient loyalty, and bring in more business, which is important for growth and success.”-Paula, Scribe

“It means that we follow good moral conduct in what we do and provide the highest level of compassionate care possible. We take our time with our patients making sure that they received the most thorough exam and accurate treatment instructions as possible. As an employee, I encourage patients to share their honest feedback about their experience by offering digital and print surveys. This form of communication holds us accountable, allows for us to make adjustments for continuous improvement of care, and it also provides transparency in our services.”-Lily, Marketer

“It is an honor to work for a practice that is actually recognized for ethics and treatment of patients. However, this is the daily routine at South Texas Eye Institute, where we constantly try to find new ways to improve our patient’s quality of life and treat them with compassion.”-Dr. Lehr

“That is an honor for Dr. Marten and as an empire we always need to hold ourselves in such a manner with compassion, respectfulness, and integrity.”-Marisa, Technician

“Also, it goes back to the few minutes I have with each patient to let them know who we are as a practice; doctor techs, people. I very much am proud to say I work at STEI- the practice is constantly growing and changing. It’s not enough for Doctors + Jorge to be at the status quo. I love it!”-Kathy, Technician

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