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New Year, New You: Juvederm vs. Botox

Let’s see: lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy, spend more time with family, and on and on. Every year we go through the drill of making New Year’s resolutions, only to lose interest or not have sufficient incentive to reach our goals. What is consistent is that most New Year’s resolutions have to do with looking better and feeling better.

If “better” equals “younger,” then keep reading. We may have the perfect incentives to keep you on track to achieve success this year.

The Perfect Jump Start

Looking and feeling younger has never been easier and quicker than visiting South Texas Eye Institute for an aesthetic skincare treatment like Botox or a dermal filler treatment like Juvederm. As they’re less invasive than traditional facelifts, maybe you’ll even want to do both.

A fifteen to thirty minute treatment will change your appearance and your outlook. Let’s investigate.

The Botox Fix

Although best known for eliminating wrinkles on the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes called crow’s feet, Botox also can treat certain medical conditions like migraine headaches, excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis, and blepharospasm. It is important to choose a trained ophthalmologist for these special medical treatments.

If you are choosing Botox purely for cosmetic reasons, it works by freezing the muscles in your upper face to soften those lines and wrinkles.

Voila, you appear refreshed, more rested, and younger. There is virtually no down time. There may be a bit of redness, which can be covered by makeup if you desire.

You will be on your way to looking younger as an incentive to lose that extra 20 pounds.

The Benefits Of A Filler Like Juvederm

Dermal filler treatments are primarily used on the lower part of the face. As we age, gravity causes things to drop, and that includes our face. You could almost say our face droops down. Hence we see those “clown or marionette lines” between our nose and mouth and we lose fullness in our lower face, including our lips and cheeks, and our mouth even turns down.

Juvederm is made from hyaluronic acid, which is a protein found in our bodies. A dermal filler treatment will provide contour to the cheeks and chin and add volume to lips and smile lines.

Safe and immediate results usually last many months, and financing is available.

This treatment will give you a jump start on this upcoming year’s resolutions, or it could get you over the final hump of last year’s goals.

Look and feel like the younger you! New Year, New You!

It only takes a phone call to South Texas Eye Institute.