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How To Choose The Best LASIK Surgeon For You

If you’re considering LASIK, it’s extremely important to choose the right LASIK surgeon for you. Not sure what you should be looking for? Keep reading to learn more about how to pick the right LASIK surgeon for you!

Are They Board Certified?

If you’re looking for a LASIK surgeon, make sure they are board certified. Being board certified from the American Board of Medical Specialties, or the American Board of Ophthalmology is a must. In ophthalmology, these licenses demonstrate that your LASIK surgeon is certified and highly qualified. This kind of certification requires specific training and continuing education to maintain certification in their specialty. If you are considering a LASIK surgeon, being board certified is one of the most important things to check for before scheduling a surgery. You should also check the credentials of any LASIK surgeons that you may be considering with the National Practitioner Data Bank.  

Ask For Referrals

When considering LASIK, talk to your regular eye doctor. They can provide you with a list of LASIK surgeons they recommend. It’s helpful to let your regular eye doctor know that you want the names of the most respected LASIK surgeons within a reasonable driving distance from your home. You can also ask any friends or members of your family that has had LASIK surgery if they would recommend their own LASIK surgeons. Word of mouth can be an invaluable source during your LASIK surgeon search. When it comes to your vision, it’s okay to be a little picky!

Do They Have An ACS Membership?

An American College of Surgeons membership is a big deal for LASIK surgeons. Members must be board certified, which you’ll remember means that they must successfully complete specific training and requires continuing education to maintain certification. If a LASIK surgeon you are considering has the initials FACS (Fellows of the American College of Surgeons) after their name, you’ll automatically know that they are the best of the best.

Pay Attention To Local Ads

Paying attention to local ads is important, but don’t focus strictly on price. A LASIK surgeon offering the cheapest deal or price could be a red flag. Instead, focus on following up with ads from local laser eye surgery centers that are informative. Make sure to call for more information, and decide from there if you feel comfortable enough to go in for a free consultation to learn more.

Google It

Even with referrals from friends, family, and your eye doctor, it still helps to just Google it. Check out the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) and the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) for directories of LASIK eye surgeons. It’s also a good idea to check out reviews on Yelp, as well as Google reviews to get a good idea of the general reputations and overall patient satisfaction levels of former LASIK patients.

First Impressions Matter

A good LASIK surgeon will have a courteous and friendly staff to help make patients feel at ease. If you get any sense of unease, feel the staff is rude, disorganized, or incompetent, it’s time to keep searching. You’ll know you’ve found the right LASIK surgeon when you feel comfortable and confident you’ve made the right decision!

If you’re ready to start your LASIK journey in San Antonio, make sure to schedule a consultation with the experts at South Texas Eye Institute today!