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Do You Know The Symptoms of Cataracts?

There are many reasons that a patient knows they need cataract surgery. Making the decision to have cataract surgery can be scary. Wondering how to know if you have cataracts? Check out some common symptoms to watch out for!

Blurry vision

When you have cataracts, expect the world to look blurrier! One of the most common cataract symptoms is blurry vision. At first, you may just chalk it up to your prescription changing.

Or perhaps you think it’s low lighting. If everything around you is blurry, it’s probably a cataract.

The problem with having blurry vision is it disrupts your whole life. Every day tasks suddenly become impossible, like reading, sewing, cooking, or running errands.

The worst part: as your cataract continues developing, your blurry vision gets worse. If you find that your blurry vision is standing in your way of living your life, it’s time to go to the eye doctor.

Light sensitivity

With cataracts, light sensitivity is another common symptom. Sensitivity to light may not happen until your cataract has completely developed.

With light sensitivity, all light will start to bother you. This includes being inside and outside in the sun. Even wearing sunglasses while outside may not help after a certain point.

Being sensitive to light indoors means you may need to turn lights down to avoid pain, glare, or halos. Light sensitivity can become a bigger problem if you still drive at night.

Oncoming headlights become blinding, which is dangerous while you’re driving! If you find that driving at night has become too difficult, go see your eye doctor and stop driving.

Tinted vision

As if light sensitivity and blurry vision wasn’t enough, cataracts cause tinted vision. For many patients with cataracts, this means everything looks yellow or brown. Colors become muddled together, and lack clarity.

You may feel like you’re constantly looking through a sepia lens. This can make hobbies you enjoy harder. Walking outside, admiring a beautiful painting, or even trying on clothes becomes challenging.

For many people, losing their ability to see the world around them can lead to depression or anger. If you find this happening to you, you have options! Schedule a cataract screening with your eye doctor to find out if you have a cataract.

Inability to complete close-up tasks

Another sign of cataracts is losing your ability to complete close-up tasks. In this instance, you may end up losing your independence.

This can touch all aspects of your life like cooking, using a stove, writing an email, or writing a list. You may resist and keep trying to complete these everyday tasks.

This often results in overcompensating. You have to hold your phone extremely close to your face to see any of your message.

You have to lean over the stove to properly see the knobs to shut off a burner. With overcompensation can come eyestrain, pain, or injury. If things that used to be second nature to you become too hard to do, you may have cataracts.

Do these symptoms sound familiar to you? It’s time to schedule a cataract appointment at South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio, TX today!