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5 Reasons To Consider LASIK Before Your Next Beach Day

Are you trying to figure out how to make your next beach vacation more enjoyable? Having you been dreaming of getting cute sunglasses?

A great way to enjoy the beach and warm weather are by getting LASIK. LASIK lets you say goodbye to your glasses and contacts.

This way you can enjoy the beach, water, and warm weather worry-free. Keep reading for 5 reasons to consider LASIK before your next beach day!

1. No More Contacts at the Beach

Contact lenses and the beach do not mix. Sand and contacts are the worst matches ever!

Getting sand on your hands and then touching your eyes could mean getting sand stuck in your contacts. If this does happen, it will only irritate your eyes.

That’s no fun if you’re trying to enjoy a day at the beach. If you decide to get LASIK, you can go to the beach worry-free.

You won’t have to worry about sand and your contact lenses anymore! Once your eyes have healed, you can go to the beach and have fun.

2. Enjoy Water Activities

If you wear contacts or glasses and want to enjoy the ocean on vacation, you need goggles. Remembering your goggles is key.

If you forget your goggles, you won’t be able to see clearly in the water or if water splashes on your face. When you get LASIK, you can finally enjoy water activities with clear vision.

You will be able to go swimming, sailing, or surfing without a care in the world! You won’t need to wear goggles unless you want to!

3. Buy Nicer Sunglasses

When you have glasses or contacts, you need prescription sunglasses to see well outside. They are expensive, and the last thing you want to think about losing if you’re on vacation.

But everyone knows that losing your sunglasses at the beach is almost inevitable! After LASIK eye surgery, you need to continue taking care of your eyes by wearing sunglasses.

But thanks to LASIK, you have options. You no longer need to wear expensive prescription sunglasses. You could instead buy a nicer pair of sunglasses that will last you several seasons.

This is both fun and practical! Make sure whatever sunglasses you buy will protect your eyes from the sun’s UV rays. If you’re concerned about glare, you can think about polarized lenses as well.

The main point is you can get several pairs of sunglasses if you want. You’ll have more options than ever before when you invest in yourself and undergo LASIK!

4. Reading at the Beach Becomes Effortless

Trying to read with your glasses in the bright sun can be hard. If you only have sunglasses, you can’t see your book with them.

Once you get LASIK, reading at the beach is a piece of cake! You can use your sunglasses and sit and enjoy a good book.

You won’t have to switch between your prescription sunglasses or worry about your contacts. Just sit, read, and relax!

5. You’ll Have an Instant Confidence Boost

For some people, wearing glasses makes them feel like they can’t be confident or comfortable in their own skin. They don’t like their appearance or outfits with glasses.

It’s a lot easier to feel confident if you like how you look. Like how you look and say goodbye to glasses with LASIK!

Are you ready to schedule LASIK before you book your next vacation? Request your LASIK consultation at South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio, TX! Why not make your eyes a priority this summer?