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7 Signs You’re a Good LASIK Candidate and Don’t Know It

Do you wake up needing glasses or contact lenses to see? Are you tired of the endless frustrations that come with wearing visual aids? 

Have you ever thought about having LASIK? If you have a refractive error and have to rely on glasses and contact lenses, you’ve almost certainly at least heard of LASIK. 

How could you not when it’s the most popular elective procedure you can undergo? LASIK is a procedure that can give you 20/20 vision (or better!) and total visual freedom. 

It’s also a low-risk procedure, meaning most patients with a refractive error are great candidates! You could be a great candidate, too, even if you don’t know it yet. Keep reading for 7 signs that you could be a good LASIK candidate and don’t know it! 

1. Your Prescription Hasn’t Changed In Years

LASIK works because it changes the shape of your eye. It does this using an excimer laser and a femtosecond laser. 

These lasers help correct refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. For LASIK to be effective, your vision must be stable. 

Although some may think that LASIK is temporary, this is false. LASIK permanently changes and corrects your vision. 

However, LASIK is only capable of correcting current refractive errors. Because of this, you should have a stable prescription, meaning it hasn’t changed in at least two years. 

You also should be over 18, as your vision is much more likely to change while you continue to grow, even in your teens. But if you have a stable prescription and are over 18, you may be an excellent LASIK candidate.

2. You’re Sick of Glasses

Many people who need glasses or contact lenses to see rely solely on glasses because contacts aren’t right for them. Maybe your eyes are sensitive, or you don’t like changing contacts and having to touch your eyes. 

Whatever the reason, you may always wear glasses, but that doesn’t mean they are the best solution for improving your vision. They come with all kinds of annoyances. 

The lenses get smudged up all the time and need constant cleaning. They also get fogged up from temperature changes; all you can do is wait for them to return to normal. They can even be uncomfortable if you accidentally fall asleep wearing them or while on your side watching TV. 

Even if contact lenses aren’t for you, you don’t have to put up with glasses all the time. LASIK is the best solution to no longer relying on glasses or contact lenses! 

3. You’re Fed Up With Contact Lenses

If you don’t love glasses, you may wear contact lenses most of the time. But these visual aids also come with their own set of frustrations. 

Contacts can dry out and irritate your eyes, especially if you wear them too long. They can even fall out of your eyes and get lost, causing you to search high and low for them. 

For some people, contact lenses are a massive upgrade from glasses. But for others, they’re hardly any better at all. That’s where LASIK comes in. 

LASIK may be the right choice if you’re done with glasses and contact lenses!

4. You Wish You Could Save Time

Not only can glasses be uncomfortable and annoying, but they also can be time-consuming. You have to change out your contact lenses every morning and night. 

Even if you have extended-wear contacts, they still need diligent, regular cleaning. You also need to clean the lenses of your glasses, especially if you don’t wear contact lenses. Then think about all the time you waste whenever you misplace or lose a contact lens or pair of glasses.

If you want to waste less time with your visual aids, LASIK could be your solution. You’ll have more time in the day to do more of the things you love! Wouldn’t you love to have 15 minutes or more back in your day?

5. You Wish You Could Be More Spontaneous 

It’s hard to be spontaneous when you depend on visual aids to see. You can’t always drop everything, go on a weekend trip, or even sleep at someone’s house. 

To be spontaneous, you must carry your spare contacts, glasses, cases, contact solution, and all the other accessories you need daily. Lugging around all that stuff is hardly practical. As a result, you may find that you can’t take part in fun, spur-of-the-moment adventures. 

But if you get LASIK, you never have to worry about being left out! You won’t need anything but your own two eyes to see, so you can pack light and still be ready for anything. Not to mention, you can look forward to vision far better than what you could achieve wearing visual aids. 

6. You’re Healthy

You must be in good health if you want to undergo any procedures, including vision correction procedures like LASIK. When it comes to having LASIK, your eyes should be healthy and have no other issues besides a refractive error. 

You also shouldn’t be pregnant or nursing, and you shouldn’t have any medical conditions affecting your body’s ability to heal during recovery. Over 85% of people who have LASIK consultations find out they qualify for LASIK, meaning there’s an excellent chance you may be a good candidate!

7. You’re Ready for Permanent Vision Correction

If you’re tired of glasses and contacts and want incredible, unassisted vision, it’s time to consider LASIK surgery. With this procedure, you can achieve the vision of your dreams. 

But you should understand the limits of LASIK and potential risks before making any decision. You can learn everything you need to know at a LASIK consultation. 

If you see these signs and think LASIK is the perfect vision correction procedure, take the next step! Schedule your LASIK consultation at South Texas Institute in San Antonio, TX, and find out if you could qualify for this life-changing procedure. What are you waiting for?