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9 Signs You’ll Look Younger and Brighter After Juvéderm®

Do you want to look younger? Are you afraid that your face makes you look older than you are?

With fillers like Juvéderm®, you can look younger, brighter, and more awake. Take pride in your appearance instead of hating what you see in the mirror! Keep reading for 9 signs you’ll look younger and brighter after Juvéderm®!

What is Juvéderm®?

Juvéderm® is a gel filler derived from a substance called hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance found in your skin.

It helps add volume and improve hydration. Juvéderm® works by injecting it into areas of your face where you’ve lost volume.

Losing volume in your face is an unfortunate side effect of aging, and using Juvéderm® helps temporarily reverse visible signs of aging to help you look younger and brighter.

There’s more than one kind of Juvéderm®, but each product is designed to add subtle volume to different parts of the face. However, the most commonly used formulas are Juvéderm® Voluma for the cheeks, Juvéderm® Volbella for lines around the lips, Juvéderm® Vollure for nasolabial folds and marionette lines, and Juvéderm® Ultra and Ultra Plus for plumping lips and filling smile lines and folds. 

Treatment only takes 15-30 minutes and is performed during a quick in-office procedure at South Texas Eye Institute. 

How Does Juvéderm® Work?

Juvéderm® adds volume to the skin using hyaluronic acid, which binds to water and absorbs moisture. It also integrates into tissue in your skin to make it appear more plump and lush. 

By binding to water molecules in your skin, the hyaluronic acid plumps sallow or droopy skin, which leads to wrinkles, folds, and areas lacking sufficient volume. Increasing volume in the skin helps to lift it while also restoring your contour and the structure of your face. Doing this enables you to look younger, more radiant, and well-rested. 

Using Juvéderm® also boosts collagen production. Increasing collagen production helps heighten collagen creation, encouraging additional volume in your face. Increased collagen production and hyaluronic acid in the Juvéderm® injection temporarily restore the plumpness and elasticity lost in the skin due to aging. 

Juvéderm®‘s youth-restoring effects gradually emerge after the first month of treatment. These effects typically last for nine months up to 2 years. They may last longer before maintenance treatment is required. 

Why You’ll Look Younger and Brighter After Juvéderm®

Juvéderm® is an excellent decision if you’re tired of hating what you see in the mirror. Some of the reasons you may want to consider Juvéderm® include:

1. You’ll Feel Younger

Restoring the volume lost in your face can help you look younger. Looking younger is often one of the best ways to feel happier.

If you have sunken cheeks, noticeable folds around your mouth and nose, and crow’s feet, Juvéderm® can help you achieve a youthful glow and feel better about yourself. Juvéderm® is precisely injected by a member of our experienced team, leading to natural yet visible results to help you feel more confident. 

After Juvéderm®, you’ll only feel your true age and increase your self-confidence in any situation.

2. You’ll Stop Thinking You Look Older Than You Are

A heart-shaped face is typically associated with youth, while a more bottom-heavy square-shaped face can indicate aging. Increasing the volume in your face, particularly around the nose, cheeks, and upper lip, can help balance out any proportions. 

It can also highlight your eyes, lips, and more angular facial features. Helping your face look more oval with increased volume will make you look fresh and ready for whatever life throws at you, regardless of your age. 

3. Your Face Will Have More Volume

Stabilizing and replacing shrinking facial fat pads counteracts the gauntness and hollowness that contribute significantly to visible signs of advanced aging. Expert precision with filler injections helps support sagging, drooping muscles and tissue and fills stubborn wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes, mouth, cheeks, and jowls. 

Losing fat and collagen in your face leads to wrinkles, folds, and thinner skin. Juvederm smooths out your pores while evening out bumps and creases, improving tone and elasticity for dynamic volume and contouring.

4. You’ll Look More Well Rested Without Downtime

The hyaluronic acid in the Juvéderm® fillers can make a significant difference if your eyes look tired. Juvéderm® fills in hollow bags under your eyes due to loss of volume and eases the appearance of dark circles. 

Unlike surgical procedures, lasers, or chemical peels, there is minimal to no downtime, pain, or recovery from having filler. You may notice some swelling and redness, which usually dissipates after a day. After this, you’ll look more awake and well-rested, even if you feel tired.  

5. You’ll Be Ready for Family Trips and Vacations

Going on vacation is great until you see how tired you look in photos from your trip. But with Juvéderm®, you can experience subtle improvements to your appearance, helping you look younger, brighter, and rejuvenated. 

Take your next family beach vacation confidently, thanks to smoother, glowing skin. Treatment results emerge gradually for natural yet visible renewal, with people commenting on how radiant, well-rested, and younger you appear.

6. Reverse Volume Loss

As you move through your forties and age, you’ll lose volume in your face in areas like your temples, lower cheeks, mouth, and jawline. Fat pads diminish, skin loses elasticity, and gravity causes tissue to move down and no longer be as pert. 

Juvéderm® helps replace volume lost in your face by lifting tissue and making your face look less sallow, droopy, and hollow. It also makes your face look more heart-shaped, helping you look more youthful. 

Your cheeks, jaw, and facial contours will look fuller, ensuring you look refreshed.

7. Diminish Wrinkles and Folds

Injectable fillers like Juvéderm® contain active ingredients that attract water, allowing the tissue to expand underneath wrinkles from the inside to smooth them out, making skin look younger and firmer. Hyaluronic acid binds up to 1000 times its weight in water molecules for effective plumping action. 

Doing this reduces the appearance of persistent wrinkles and creases, even with subtle amounts of filler. You can soften the appearance of smile lines, lip lines, forehead, crow, feet, and neck wrinkles with fillers like Juvéderm® to reveal vibrant, glowing skin.

8. Brighten Up Dark Undereye Circles

Age may bring wisdom, but it also brings wrinkles. Getting older means your temples hollow out, the middle of your face descends, and fat pads under your eyes shrink, leading to shadows and dimension loss. 

Juvéderm® works like filling a deflating balloon by filling in hollows under your eyes and reducing the effect of dark circles. Erasing the appearance of sunken, exhausted eyes will help you look well-rested and younger. 

9. Lift Drooping Eyelids and Brows

Each Juvéderm® injection is precisely given to strategically lift certain parts of the face to visibly refresh and rejuvenate. Dr. Lisa Martén, MD, at South Texas Eye Institute, may place filler above drooping eyelids or at the end of your brow to make you look more awake and to help the area appear more open. 

They can also lift the arch of your eyebrow to help you look elegant and refined. 

Are you ready to look your best? Learn more about Juvéderm® by requesting an appointment at South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio, TX, today!