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Want LASIK? Here’s How to Prepare for it

Do you hate waking up unable to see? Are you tired of glasses and contact lenses that you have to baby because they always require maintenance?

It might be time to consider something better, like a vision correction procedure. There are many to choose from, but why not consider LASIK?

Before you can have a procedure like LASIK, you need to be prepared for it. Keep reading to learn how to prepare for LASIK and get the most out of your amazing new vision!

What is LASIK?

LASIK is a laser vision correction procedure used to correct refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. LASIK uses a femtosecond laser and an excimer laser to reshape the cornea to reshape these refractive errors and provide you with clearer vision. 

LASIK is remarkable because it corrects your vision beyond your original prescription. That means you can enjoy better vision than you had with glasses or contact lenses. 

You can also look forward to sharper, crisper sight, whether wandering through a garden in the spring, hiking with your friends, or binge watching your favorite show after the work day. You’ll always have fantastic vision because LASIK is a permanent procedure.

Am I a Good LASIK Candidate?

Though you may like the sound of LASIK and all it can achieve, you still need to qualify for the procedure. Because it’s a surgical procedure, you must be a good candidate to undergo it. However, you may be a good LASIK candidate if:

  • You’re at least 18 years old
  • You have realistic expectations about what LASIK can achieve
  • You have a stable prescription that’s remained unchanged for a year or more
  • You’re not currently pregnant or nursing
  • You have healthy eyes and are in good health
  • You have thick enough corneas to undergo LASIK safely

These are only some factors for LASIK candidacy, which is why a LASIK consultation is necessary. If you want LASIK, you must have a consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate.

What Can I Expect at a LASIK Consultation?

During your LASIK consultation, your South Texas Eye Institute ophthalmologist will go over a series of things. They will start by reviewing your medical history and any medications you’re currently on.

Then, they will conduct a comprehensive eye exam, take detailed measurements and scans of your eyes, and review the risks and benefits of LASIK and alternative procedures. 

Your LASIK consultation is the perfect time to ask any questions or concerns you may have about the procedure. Having a foundation of trust and feeling comfortable about the procedure is essential before undergoing it. 

The consultation will help your eye doctor determine if you’re a good candidate.

How to Prepare Before Having LASIK

If you’re a good LASIK candidate after having your LASIK consultation, you can prepare for LASIK in a few ways. These include:

  • Not wearing contact lenses as directed by your ophthalmologist, as contacts change the shape of your cornea temporarily before LASIK
  • Staying hydrated by drinking more water in the days and weeks before your LASIK procedure, as drinking water can help with the recovery procedure after LASIK
  • Having realistic expectations about what to expect when you have LASIK, as most patients end up with 20/20 vision or better, but it’s not a guarantee
  • Set out a comfortable outfit before your LASIK procedure so you don’t have to stress out about what you’ll wear, such as leggings, baggy shirts, or hoods that you can rest in after the procedure
  • LASIK has a one-time cost, but it’s a good idea to determine how you’ll pay for the procedure in advance, so look into financing options to take some of the burden of paying for it off yourself
  • Find a friend or family member to drive you home after LASIK, as you can’t drive yourself home after the procedure

Planning before having LASIK will ensure the procedure goes smoothly, you know what to expect, and no unexpected surprises pop up.

What is the LASIK Procedure Like?

Before having LASIK, you’ll receive numbing eye drops to ensure you won’t feel any pain during the procedure. Next, your South Texas Eye Institute LASIK surgeon will create a small flap in your cornea, which they will fold back.

Then, your LASIK surgeon will use a laser to reshape your cornea before putting the flap back into place. The flap doesn’t need any stitches or sutures and heals on its own. 

Undergoing LASIK on both eyes usually only takes about 15 minutes to complete. Because LASIK is an outpatient procedure, you’ll go home after it’s over. 

Recovering After LASIK

After the LASIK procedure is over, you’ll need someone to drive you home. Once you get home, you may notice visual improvements.

The best thing you can do is rest for a few hours to help jumpstart your recovery. The numbing eye drops will start wearing off after a few hours, and you may notice discomfort, which you can control with over-the-counter painkillers if necessary. 

Other side effects, like blurry vision, should dissipate after a day or two. You’ll need to avoid strenuous activity, contact sports, or going into any bodies of water for about a month to help recover and prevent infection. 

You’ll also need to use prescription eye drops to reduce inflammation and prevent infection. After LASIK, you must attend follow-up appointments to ensure your eyes heal. 

Your eye doctor will tell you how often you need to attend these, though the first one will usually be the day after your LASIK procedure. In the days and weeks after LASIK, your vision will continue improving. It takes about 3-6 months before most patients reach their peak vision after LASIK. At that point, you’ll have the sharpest vision of your life. What’s not to love about that?

Are you ready to change your vision and your life? Schedule your LASIK consultation at South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio, TX, today! What are you waiting for when you could have better vision?