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How To Choose The Best Lens Implant

You have made the decision to have cataract surgery. Your cataract has caused you to miss out on some daily pleasures and it now interferes with your active lifestyle. The next choice is upon you. You are wondering how to choose the best lens implant.

In the past there was only “one size fits all” for cataract patients, but today the technology is quite different.

Let us walk you through the available lens implant choices and how each can improve your overall vision.

First Find the Best Surgeon

In order to choose the best lens implant, it’s helpful to first find the best surgeon. Choose one that will take the time to learn about your lifestyle, vision goals and your preferences. Dr. Lisa Marten is known for her quality care and ability to clearly explain eye conditions and the available treatments.

Decide What You are Looking For

Yes, pun intended, but it’s important to decide what your vision goals entail. Do you want to be able to play golf, drive without glasses, or watch your grandson play sports?

Are you more interested in reading, or working with your hands to do crafts? Do you enjoy working on your computer? Do you like to travel, sight-see, and still be able to read the GPS?

Once you decide your visual goals, it will be a start toward your best lens.

Your Choices

A standard monofocal lens provides vision at only one distance.

  • Here you can choose to see in the distance, but would need glasses to do any close work.
  • Your other choice would be the reverse. You could read books, labels on medicine bottles, but would need glasses for driving and other activities in the distance.

Premium lens choices include an extra charge::

  • The multi-focal lens gives patients the opportunity to see clearly at most distances without glasses. It will provide a better range of vision.
  • Another premium lens is known as an accommodating lens. It offers patients the ability to change focus from all distances similar to how your natural lens did when you were younger.
  • If you have astigmatism, you will be able to eliminate blurry vision with a Toric lens implant.

Your Future Awaits You

Having cataract surgery gives you the opportunity to choose the vision you want for the rest of your life. No matter your decision, be comfortable in the knowledge that you are working with the best eye care specialists in San Antonio and Texas.

You can rely on the expertise found at South Texas Eye Institute to assist you in choosing the best lens implant for your lifestyle.