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The Relationship Between LASIK And PRK

No doubt you have heard of both LASIK and PRK. Maybe you wondered about the difference and why some patients have one or the other. What is more important is how they are similar!

Let’s investigate.

LASIK and PRK Similarities

LASIK and PRK have many similarities. Those similarities are, in fact, the most important factors when considering laser eye surgery.

  • No matter whether you have LASIK or PRK the final visual results will be similar.
  • There are high patient satisfaction rates for both procedures.
  • Both LASIK and PRK are performed as outpatient procedures taking approximately 15 to 20 minutes.
  • They both correct the common refractive errors of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.
  • Clinical data confirms that patients will achieve similar excellent results with either procedure.
  • Both are safe and effective ways to reduce or eliminate your need for glasses and/or contact lenses.

Main Differences

What happens during the first part of laser vision correction is the main difference between LASIK and PRK. Instead of creating a corneal flap using the laser to reach the inner cornea, when performing PRK our doctors remove the entire top layer of corneal cells.

This results in a slightly longer healing time, since the cells must re-generate, along with a bit more discomfort, and some additional medications after PRK. You will return more frequently for post-operative care after PRK. Watch how PRK eye surgery changed Steven’s life in this video.

Is One Procedure Better Than The Other?

The short answer is NO, but only an experienced and qualified surgeon can determine which procedure might be best for your eyes. The doctors at South Texas Eye Institute have the knowledge and technology to recommend the appropriate surgery for you.

Certain patients with thin corneas or those with certain occupations may need to have PRK.

LASIK and PRK are siblings in the laser vision correction family. So, schedule an appointment with our doctors to discuss which procedure is best for you. Be assured the end results will be the same: a safe, effective, and optimal solution to enjoy life without glasses and contacts.

Find out which procedure is right for your eyes.

Contact the LASIK and PRK specialists at South Texas Eye Institute.