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How To Choose The Best LASIK Surgeon

When you’re looking for the best LASIK surgeons to help improve and repair your vision, it makes sense that you don’t want to compromise. When it comes to your eyesight, don’t settle for less.

The most qualified surgeons will have a very high success rate, one that’s worth boasting about. Additionally, you should be able to access their credentials. If not, your search needs to continue.

With so many options regarding Lasik out there, how do you know what the best option is? How do you find a surgeon you’re comfortable with and who works for you?

Luckily, we’ve got a few key tips to help you in your search for a LASIK surgeon.

How to find the best LASIK surgeons


It’s natural that you’d only want to go to a Lasik surgeon that could promise you state-of-the-art technology. At South Texas Eye Institute, you can guarantee that the equipment and technology used will look straight out of the future.

South Texas Eye Institute’s  Waveprint™ Map technology creates a customized thumbprint  image of the eye. The is then used as a blueprint for a CustomVue™ Procedure for any refractive procedure like LASIK, PRK, or ICL. The FDA approved VISX® Star S4 IR laser is a specialized tool used to perform CustomVue™ LASIK. The Star S4 IR is incorporates 3D eye tracking, as well as precision optics, and  Wavefront™ capabilities. To learn more about the VISX® Star S4 IR laser, please call our laser vision correction office in San Antonio.

This means it’s more efficient in helping us determine the right course of action for you and your vision.

The best Lasik surgeons know that technology matters. Each patient and each surgery require the utmost precision. Technology evolves, and it’s important to keep up to provide each patient the best surgery possible.

With outdated technology comes the chance of complications. Many post-surgery complications are due to mechanical blades, or due to surgery centers simply not keeping up with the current technologies. You can learn more about our bladeless LASIK and refractive surgery by booking a complimentary consultation with our LASIK coordinator. Please schedule an appointment with our full vision service correction office in San Antonio.


Once you’ve trimmed your list down to a few reputable surgeons, it’s time to do your homework. Before you even make an appointment with a Lasik surgeon, you want to take some time to make sure they have their proper licensing.

This seems like it may take some sleuthing to accomplish, but it’s really very simple. A state licensing board can help you tell if your surgeon’s license is valid. Additionally, the National Practitioner Data Bank can verify their credentials.


This will take some questions for the surgeon. A good bet would be to ask if they’re certified – beyond their basic practicing license.

A proper certification will ensure that your surgeon is recognized by the American Academy of Ophthalmology and that they’ve been certified to practice their specialty (Lasik, in this case).

Several boards require medical practitioners to go through periodic training in order to retain their certification. This means that you can be sure that their skills are up to date and that they’re cleared to continue practicing Lasik.

Interview, LASIK Consultation

Beyond checking whether or not they’ve received their certification, it’s a good idea to conduct a brief interview with any surgeon you choose, even if you’re sure they’re one of the best Lasik surgeons.

Before you go in for your consultation, make a list of questions you have and answers you need. This is important to get a feel for the surgeon’s skills and your comfort level with them.

A few good questions to ask include:

  • How many surgeries have you performed?
  • What’s the complication rate?
  • What’s your policy regarding follow-up visits?
  • Do required enhancements come at an extra charge?
  • Will your billing department explain all charges?

If your surgeon is hesitant to answer these questions or doesn’t provide satisfactory answers, it’s perfectly fine to continue your search.


As there’s a cosmetic element to Lasik, sometimes you can find advertisements in print, TV, or the Internet. While these ads likely won’t tell you everything you know, they’re great for finding leads.

Pay attention to what the ad promises, and any fine print associated with it. Also, it might be a good idea to conduct a more extensive interview if you go this route to ensure that there aren’t any surprises hiding in the contract.

At South Texas Eye Institute, we would be happy to sit down with you and go over any fine details in regards to surgery options and financing available. We encourage you to shop around and make a wise decision for your vision. Our goal is to educate you on the options available.  We are not here to make sales goals, we are here to help you have the best options available for your vision. We will let you know if you qualify for LASIK or if another procedure like PRK or VIsian ICL is a better option for you through a complementary consultation as well.

Reviews and Referrals

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. Other people, online reviews, your friends, and family, can prove to be an invaluable source when it comes to finding the best Lasik surgeons around.

Lasik is an enormously popular procedure. Chances are, you know someone who’s undergone this treatment. Don’t be afraid to look at online reviews and ask around!

Check out our patient reviews and video testimonials for reference for what and where to look as well.

If you know someone who has had a procedure done locally, ask them about their experiences with the surgeon. If you’re comfortable, feel free to discuss financial information and options with them. This can be a great way to find a surgeon you’ll work well yet.


You don’t have to worry about your sources going dry. Even if you can’t seem to find any of the best Lasik surgeons around, there are directories available to help you out in your search.

The Zoc Doc Directory can help you find a surgeon relatively close to you, and can even give you some information regarding them.

Additionally, the American Academy of Ophthalmology and the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery have directories for various eye surgeons.


Finding the best Lasik surgeon in your area can certainly be a challenge, especially when you’ve never undergone a procedure like this before. However, it’s not an impossible undertaking.

There are several resources available to you to help you find your best choice and you can book a

Remember: you don’t want to settle for less with your eyesight. Don’t be afraid to schedule a complimentary LASIK evaluation and consultation with our staff.

Finding the best surgeon can be a process, and we are here to help you make a well-informed decision and help you cross compare the various technology capabilities and financing options.

At South Texas Eye Institute, we’re confident that you won’t have to continue your search after speaking to us. We’ve helped hundreds of patients see to their fullest potential. Those are hundreds of flawless surgeries with hundreds of happy clients.

You’ll also find that we meet all industry standards with flying colors. While you’ll interview us during the complimentary consultation, we’ll also be making determinations to see whether or not you’re a viable candidate for Lasik. We screen our patients for their own health and safety. Remember: we’re here to keep you safe and comfortable.

Regardless of whether or not you’re a good candidate for the procedure, you should know that we will never pressure you into it. We’re not here to make sales goals, we’re here to help people.

If you have questions regarding Lasik or the best vision correction methods, we’re happy to help.