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6 Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals And Keep Your Eyes Safe

San Antonio is a city with great weather most of the year, allowing its residents to explore outdoor activities and participate in all manner of sports and fitness training. On any given day you can see folks of every age biking for pleasure, biking to work, running cross country or just plain walking. Some are weekend warriors and others are more gung-ho.

If you have (sadly) become a couch potato, now may be the time to get out there again and recapture your glory days and that body you once had.

Join Us

Your friends at South Texas Eye Institute will be participating in the Siclovia Bike Event on October 22 as part of Eye Safety Month in San Antonio. As part of the day’s events, you can pick up a free helmet at our booth from 11 AM to 4 PM. Vouchers for the free helmet and prizes are available.

Your Fitness Goals and Your Eyes

Wherever you fall on the fitness scale, there are always precautions to take whenever doing fitness training. Warming up appropriately, staying hydrated, and wearing the proper gear all contribute to your overall safety. Sometimes we forget about our eyes.

Those are something South Texas Eye Institute will never forget about.

Keeping You and Your Eyes Safe

Biking is a popular sport, and wearing a helmet is important to head trauma should you take an unexpected fall. You could also wear a good pair of sunglasses, which can protect your eyes against trauma . You might be protected from head trauma, but you could easily damage your cornea with a scratch or trauma.

Seems like biking would be more comfortable glasses-free, AND it certainly would be safer. If you have ever considered LASIK surgery, now might be the perfect time to protect your eyes from possible injury.

Going to the gym for a workout is a common pastime for many. Lifting weights, walking/running on the treadmill, and getting those muscles strengthened is all part of a fitness regimen.

  • Be sure to properly warm up
  • Be careful not to jump into too much too soon
  • Allow enough time to cool down
  • If you feel pain, STOP

HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is a great way to burn calories not only during your workout, but after as well. It will help you increase strength, lose some weight, and improve cardio. The more intensely you train, the better the results. Now imagine being able to bump up your intensity by junking those glasses that keep sliding down your nose. Even contact lenses can be a real pain during a tough workout.

No matter what sport you play or how you stay fit, glasses can get in the way of your fitness goals.

Learn more about sports eye safety tips, what signs to look for in an eye injury, and what to do and not to do if you injured your eye by reading the infographic below:

Tips To Achieve Your Fitness Goals And Keep Your Eyes SafeThe Bottom Line

Staying active is part of a healthy lifestyle, and regular exercise improves your overall health. In addition, it reduces the risk of developing common eye diseases.

We care about YOU and your eyes.

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