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LASIK: Is It Worth It?

Obviously we think LASIK is well worth it; it’s one of the surgeries we perform here at South Texas Eye Institute. We see how it changes patients’ lives on a daily basis.

We can objectively answer this question from two perspectives: the qualitative and the quantitative. Not to make this confusing, we will simplify it for you. The quantitative refers to what it costs-you know, real money. The qualitative refers to how getting LASIK positively affects your quality of life.

When these two perspectives are combined, compared, and balanced, we can come up with an answer.

Is LASIK Worth The Money You Will Spend?

  1. If you stay on a budget and have a savings account, you are cautious about how you spend your hard earned money. Would it surprise you to know having LASIK will actually save you money in the long term? If you add up all the money you spend maintaining your glasses and/or contacts for the rest of your life, you will find that is true. Each year you buy new lenses, cleansers, eye drops, new prescriptions, and doctor visits. Maybe you get inflammations and infections from wearing your contacts inappropriately. Add those in too. Use our Savings Calculator to determine your savings through age 65. Compare that to a one-time LASIK procedure.
  2. If you have a flexible savings account (FSA) or a health savings account (HSA), you can use tax-free dollars to have LASIK surgery. Not only do you reduce your tax burden, but you can set aside money for eligible medical expenses like LASIK.
  3. You are able to finance your LASIK procedure and pay for it monthly, making it more affordable. There are several options, including 0% interest.

Learn more about the cost of LASIK compared to contacts and glasses by reading the infographic below:

How To Save With Lasik Surgery

Regardless which type of procedure is best for your eyes, Intralase Custom LASIK, PRK, ICL Surgery, or Refractive Lens Exchange, we think LASIK is worth every penny! It is clearly the most cost-effective choice.

Is LASIK Worth The Change It Will Make To Your Life?

LASIK is worth it because of the many qualitative ways it contributes to your life. To borrow from some credit card advertisements, the benefits from LASIK are priceless!

Talk to some folks who have had LASIK. That’s a good way to start. Read some of our own patient testimonials. Note their comments about how it changed their life.

LASIK is safer than wearing contacts.

  • Your eyes will be healthier without contact lenses
  • Your seasonal allergies and symptoms will be reduced
  • You will have fewer headaches and sinus issues
  • You will have less chance of corneal inflammations and infections

LASIK gives you the chance to experience all of life’s memories with clear vision.

What’s it worth to watch your children grow, the seasons change color, participate in all types of outdoor sports and activities unencumbered by glasses or contacts?

You are the final judge, but we think the lasting benefits of LASIK surgery are well worth it.

Come in for an evaluation. Find out how LASIK can change your life—for the rest of your life.