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What Is Contact Lens Intolerance?

Have you ever made a decision that seemed like a good idea at the time? Yes, we’ve all been there. Changing your hair color, signing up to run a marathon, or deciding to switch from glasses to contact lenses could fit into this category. Maybe it turned out fine for a while – or not so much.

While we may have been thrilled with our decision to switch from glasses to contacts, as time went on they have become problematic and uncomfortable to wear. If you find yourself wearing them less and less, maybe you have become contact lens intolerant.

Let’s talk contact lenses and what is contact lens intolerance.

How Contact Lens Intolerance Happens

Contact lens intolerance is a condition when the wearer cannot insert their lenses without experiencing pain, a stinging sensation, and extreme discomfort. This usually occurs with patients who have been wearing them for a number of years..

It can range from a mild case to severe. Sometimes it occurs slowly over time, but it can also happen quite suddenly.

In simple terms it means contacts become so uncomfortable, you stop wearing them.

Once a patient becomes contact lens intolerant they experience burning, stinging and scratchiness almost the moment they insert their lenses. They can develop chronic dry eye, corneal abrasions, and infections including corneal ulcers.

Perhaps it is due to a sudden sensitivity to the cleaning solutions. Whatever the cause, it will make you rethink your decision.

Why It Can Be Dangerous

You began wearing contacts for convenience or maybe vanity. Whatever the original reason, if your contacts begin to bother you, it’s time to see a professional to find out why.

If you experience any of the symptoms described above like pain, redness, burning or extreme dryness, see an Ophthalmologist as soon as possible, and do not put your contacts back in until you have been examined.

Some of these conditions can become sight threatening.

When The Thrill Is Gone

You don’t necessarily need to be contact lens intolerant to become dissatisfied with wearing contact lenses. A recent 3 year clinical study conducted with 1800 patients revealed that the satisfaction of contact lens users decreased from 63% to 54% over that 3 year period.

The same study also concluded that former contact lens users who later had LASIK reported higher levels of satisfaction with this type of vision correction, and it only improved with time.

If you are tired of the hassles associated with maintaining your contact lenses.

If you are uncomfortable wearing your contact lenses.

If you suspect you are becoming contact lens intolerant,

You have options.

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