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5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Doctor About LASIK

As LASIK surgery has becomes more popular, more precise and incredibly safe, many patients think that they can just walk in and get LASIK eye surgery by any doctor with any surgical equipment. Our response is no, no and no.

Yes, LASIK is a popular and trusted way to improve your vision and reduce or eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses, but… don’t jump into LASIK eye surgery without doing your homework and asking lots of questions.

So, be smart, inquisitive, and don’t settle for anything but the best. Your vision is too precious. We have compiled 5 questions you should be asking your doctor about LASIK.

Are My Eyes Healthy Enough For LASIK?

No two eyes are alike, nor can you compare the health of your eyes to anyone else. Expect that your eyes will be evaluated for any issues, which might exclude you from having LASIK eye surgery. Once all the tests are complete your doctor should be able to tell you about the health of your eyes and whether you are a good candidate who can expect excellent results.

Be sure to communicate any general health issues you may have.

Will Having LASIK Benefit My Lifestyle, My Career, and My Age?

It is important to understand if LASIK is beneficial to your lifestyle. If you like to play sports and enjoy the outdoors, LASIK will add to your enjoyment. If you need great vision for your job, talk to your surgeon about risk and benefits of LASIK. If you are in your late 40s or 50s, discuss how LASIK will affect your reading, intermediate, and distance vision before making a decision.

What Are the Biggest Risks?

All surgical procedures have risks, which is why you can’t just have LASIK without proper testing and preparation. Your surgeon should explain some short-term side effects and if you have any other risks based on your testing.

What Kind Of Surgical Equipment Will You Be Using, And Is It the Latest?

This is important. There are still doctors who are using old lasers and equipment. If this is the case, your results will not be optimal. Find out if they have the latest tracking technology and if they perform all laser LASIK. This ensures you the safest and most precise treatment with the best results.

Is There Another Surgical Treatment You Would Recommend For Me Other Than LASIK Eye Surgery?

Asking this question will tell you two things: whether you are truly an excellent candidate, and if the surgeon is trained and experienced in other surgical options that will give you better results, like implantable contact lenses or refractive lens exchange, for example. Either way, this is great information and should give you added confidence in your surgeon.

LASIK is a remarkable advancement in vision correction. Make sure it’s right for you. Ask questions.

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