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5 Reasons To Get LASIK In San Antonio This Summer

Summer in San Antonio can be hot, but it’s a great time to take advantage of fun activities! If you’ve been thinking about LASIK, you may be wondering if there’s an ideal time to get it. Getting LASIK over the summer is smart because you’ll have the rest of the summer to enjoy yourself free of glasses and contacts! Check out these 5 reasons to get LASIK in San Antonio this summer and get ready for vision freedom like never before.


1. Enjoy Sandy Beaches

If you wear contacts or glasses, you know the struggles when you go to the beach. The sand gets everywhere: in your swimsuit, your food, and of course in your eyes! For those that don’t need glasses or contacts, it’s annoying at best. But if you wear glasses or contacts, getting sand in your eyes can become a real problem. There’s nothing more frustrating than having to sit out of activities with friends or family because you got sand in your contacts and are now blinded. After getting LASIK this summer with South Texas Eye Institute, you can kiss sand in your contacts goodbye!


2. Travel Without Spare Contacts Or Glasses

Summer is one of the best seasons of the year to travel. When you wear contacts or glasses, packing becomes the most crucial part of your trip. Did you pack enough contacts? Do you have a spare pair of glasses in case your regular pair gets lost or damaged? Imagine being able to travel on the fly, without having to worry about your glasses and accessories to see. Instead, you can focus on the beautiful sights around you. All of this is possible after LASIK!


3. Swim Without Fear

Yes, sandy beaches are the worst, but let’s not forget the pain that can occur when you go swimming in a chlorinated pool. For people with glasses or contacts, there’s no good solution available. Swimming with contacts in isn’t recommended, as the chlorine in the pool can irritate your contacts and eyes. Other options include putting your glasses somewhere and hoping they are safe, and swimming around blindly. When you get LASIK, you’ll never have to worry about the inconveniences of glasses or contacts again!


4. Physical Activities

If you consider yourself physically active, you know that glasses or contacts just don’t fit. Literally. Sweat and glasses do not mix. This is especially true when you’re hiking the Tower Loop in San Antonio. Hiking the fourth highest point of Bexar County is no easy feat! Wouldn’t it be great if you could hike to the very top without having to deal with your sweaty glasses or prescription sunglasses slipping down your nose every 2 minutes? All of this is possible when you get LASIK with South Texas Eye Institute.


5. Getting Ready For The School Year  

Whether you’re a college student or a parent, chances are you’re already thinking about how to prepare for the upcoming school year. You’ve probably started buying supplies, or maybe you’ve begun thinking about how to spruce up your wardrobe for the fall. Why not add LASIK to this list? You’ll have the rest of the summer to enjoy, and can go into a new school year with added confidence and the best vision of your life!

Make this your best summer yet! Schedule a LASIK consultation with the South Texas Eye Institute and find out if you’re a good candidate for this elective procedure. Your eyes will thank you!