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What is the EVO Visian ICL, and is it Right for You?

Are you searching for an alternative to glasses and contact lenses? You may want to consider having a vision correction procedure.

The most popular vision correction procedure is a refractive laser eye surgery like LASIK. But other vision correction procedures can give you visual freedom from contacts and glasses.

They are also even less invasive than LASIK. One of these procedures is the EVO Visian ICL.

For many patients, it’s the perfect choice for correcting vision and changing their life. Want to learn more? Let’s talk about the EVO Visian ICL, how it works, and how to know if it’s right for you.

What is the EVO Visian ICL?

The EVO Visian ICL is an additive lens that uses an Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) and inserts it into the eye between the natural lens and iris. It acts like a permanent contact lens that sits inside your eye instead of on top of it.

The lens is made from collamer and derived from collagen protein, which your body naturally produces. Because the EVO Visian ICL comes from collamer, it’s highly biocompatible with the chemistry of your eye.

Its biocompatibility also reduces the chances of dry eye after your procedure. It sits comfortably in your eye, and you won’t be able to see or feel it after insertion.

Undergoing the EVO Visian ICL is a simple outpatient procedure that only takes a few minutes to complete. Before it begins, your surgeon will numb your eyes using eye drops.

Once the eye drops have time to move over the surface of your eye, your surgeon will create a tiny incision in your eye. After making the incision, they will fold up and insert the EVO ICL into your eye.

It then unfurls, and your surgeon positions it to sit on top of your natural lens. No stitches or sutures are needed because the incision can close and heal independently.

EVO Visian ICL vs. Laser Eye Vision Correction Procedures

Refractive laser eye procedures are the most common kind of vision correction procedures. These surgeries reshape the cornea, the clear front part of your eye, to correct a refractive error.

The most popular refractive laser eye procedure is LASIK which also requires creating a flap in the cornea that acts as a natural bandage while the eyes heal.

EVO Visian ICL doesn’t reshape your cornea. It also doesn’t replace your natural lens.

Since the EVO ICL fits over your natural lens, you can remove it at any time if you choose. But it can also sit safely in your eye indefinitely.

Unlike refractive laser eye procedures like LASIK, the EVO Visian ICL is entirely reversible. It does not require reshaping the cornea or removing any tissue from your eye. But it can improve your life by providing you with the crystal-clear vision you’ve always dreamed of.

Good Candidates for the EVO Visian ICL

If you’re interested in the EVO Visian ICL, there are good chances you’ll be a suitable candidate. You may qualify for the EVO ICL if:

  • You’re in good health
  • You’re between 21 and 45 years of age
  • You have a stable prescription that hasn’t changed in at least a year
  • You have healthy eyes with no pre-existing eye conditions beyond refractive errors
  • You have realistic expectations about what the procedure can accomplish
  • You’re nearsighted with mild astigmatism

The EVO Visian ICL is very safe and low risk, but no surgical procedure is without its risks, however rare they may be. Be sure to talk to your surgeon at South Texas Eye Institute about all the benefits and risks of surgery before you decide to have the procedure.

Anyone interested in having the EVO Visian ICL needs to know that it’s not suitable for those who are farsighted. However, EVO Visian ICL can correct nearsightedness to an even higher degree than LASIK.

It may be the best option for you if you’re highly nearsighted. But there are other reasons you may want to choose EVO Visian ICL as your vision correction procedure.

Why Should You Choose the EVO Visian ICL?

The EVO Visian ICL has numerous benefits that make it preferable to many patients over a more traditional refractive vision correction procedure. For one thing, it’s reversible.

Many patients are nervous about permanently altering their vision, even if it’s to correct it. But the ICL can be removed for whatever reason with another simple surgical procedure, providing peace of mind.

The EVO Visian ICL is also a good option for patients who otherwise wouldn’t make good candidates for LASIK. LASIK requires the creation of a flap in the cornea, but if your cornea is too thin, creating the flap becomes unsafe.

The EVO Visian ICL doesn’t require your cornea to be a certain thickness, meaning you can safely have the procedure even if you don’t qualify for LASIK. For patients concerned about post-surgical dry eye and recovery, the EVO Visian ICL offers a faster, smoother recovery with a much lower risk for dry eye.

Since the lens is made from a biocompatible material, it doesn’t disturb the natural harmony of your eye as much as a laser vision correction procedure. Your eyes become less likely to dry out due to their natural lubrication staying intact.

As for results, EVO Visian ICL can fully correct your refractive error if you’re nearsighted or have astigmatism and is comparable to LASIK and similar laser procedures. The EVO Visian ICL allows you to easily achieve visual freedom without sacrificing visual quality.

Most patients achieve 20/20 vision and are highly satisfied with their results. Do you think that the EVO Visian ICL may be right for you? Schedule a commitment-free consultation at South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio to learn more and take the first step towards the vision of your dreams!