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5 LASIK Myths To Ignore

LASIK is a very popular elective surgery for correcting vision errors. Even with the popularity of LASIK, there are still misconceptions to decipher. Without the right information, patients may decide not to move forward with LASIK. If you’re thinking about laser eye surgery, check out these 5 LASIK myths to ignore first!

Myth: LASIK is too new to be safe

Truth: LASIK surgery has a decades-long history of both safety and success. It has helped millions of people around the world correct their vision. In fact, LASIK has been around for more than 25 years.

Long-term studies have proven LASIK’s positive results, making it sought after! Even better news? Since LASIK was FDA approved, there have been several medical advancements made. This has given LASIK a 96% success rate with patients, and reduced complications.

Myth: You can go blind from LASIK

Truth: LASIK has a very low risk of complications. At South Texas Eye Institute, we only practice bladeless LASIK. This means that there are no blades used during the procedure.

There are significantly fewer complications when patients undergo bladeless LASIK. Though there are risks involved with LASIK, you don’t have to worry about going blind from LASIK.

In fact, rather than blindness, the opposite is true. LASIK reshapes the cornea to refract light as it enters the eye to land as it should at the retina. Any complications that patients may experience are usually temporary and are treatable.

Myth: What if I am too old for LASIK?

Truth: You can be too young for LASIK, but there’s no “magic number” for how old you can be. LASIK is not performed on anybody who is 18 or younger. When it comes to being older, LASIK can be appropriate if you are in good health and your eyes are healthy.

LASIK works because the cornea is reshaped and refractive errors are then corrected. Older, aging eyes won’t benefit from LASIK if you have cataracts or glaucoma. If you have these eye issues, you may be better off getting a premium lens during cataract surgery.

Myth: LASIK is not affordable

Truth: LASIK can seem like it’s too expensive. At $2,000 per eye, it’s an investment in your vision. South Texas Eye Institute offers several different financing options, including CareCredit and Alphaeon.

Most patients who get LASIK choose to pay with monthly payments, rather than paying up front.

It’s also important to consider how much money you are saving by getting LASIK. After several years, LASIK pays for itself!

Consider how much you’re already spending every year on glasses and contacts. It’s almost inevitable that something will go wrong, so you’ll have to buy spares. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid these worries altogether?  

Myth: LASIK surgery is painful

Truth: This is false! Before the procedure even starts, you’ll get numbing eye drops. This means you can’t feel a thing during the procedure. There may be slight pressure as the lasers position your eyes and create the flap.

After the procedure, your eyes may feel scratchy or irritated, but this is temporary. There’s a short recovery period of a few days, and your vision gets better every day. It’s anything but painful!

Ready to kick the LASIK myths to the curb? Schedule your LASIK consultation at South Texas Eye Institute in San Antonio today!