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So You Had LASIK… Now What?


Once you’ve had your LASIK consultation and been approved, it’s time to think about the big day! But what happens after you get LASIK?

The surgery itself is pretty simple, and you’ll be able to go home right after. From there, you may not know what to expect. No need to worry- here’s a simple rundown of what will happen after you have LASIK!

When You Get Home

After the procedure, you’ll get sent home with eye shields. They aren’t pretty, but they are necessary to keep your eyes protected!

You can take them off once you feel comfortable, but you’ll need them while sleeping for the next week. They’ll prevent your eyes from rubbing against your pillow in your sleep.

For a few hours after surgery, your eyes will feel irritated as the anesthetic wears off. They’ll look red and itchy, and they may even feel gritty like there’s something stuck in them. It’s important not to rub or scratch no matter how much you want to.

Take your prescribed eye drops to reduce inflammation and prevent infections. If your eyes are too uncomfortable, try refrigerating your drops! This will keep them cool and provides temporary relief for dryness and irritation.

Your vision will start improving only hours after the procedure. Most patients reach the peak of visual improvement a few months after LASIK. The first day after surgery, you also may have blurred or hazy vision, and you’ll be sensitive to light.

The best way to deal with this is to rest your eyes until they start to feel better. Although the recovery time for LASIK is short, your eyes are still recovering. Treat them with a little TLC!

During The Next Few Days and Weeks

The most uncomfortable part of recovery should be over after a day or two. If it isn’t, or your pain gets worse, call your doctor immediately.

You’ll need to see your eye doctor at South Texas Eye Institute for follow-up appointments. This ensures that your eyes are healing and healthy.

You should wear your eye shields while sleeping for at least a week. You also shouldn’t wear makeup, at least anywhere near your eyes, for at least a week.

Keep everything out of your eyes, including your fingers, dust, and even water. When showering, make sure the running water isn’t pointed at your face. Water can carry bacteria and could lead to an infection.

You should wait at least a day or two to get back to any non-contact sports. For contact sports, you should wait for a whole month.

If you’re a serious athlete, it makes the most sense to have your procedure during the offseason of your sport. For contact sports, make sure you wear eye protection to keep your eyes safe.

If your sport is swimming, you need to wait at least two weeks. You cannot be in a pool or hot tub for two weeks after LASIK for any reason. Chlorine is dangerous to your eyes while you’re healing.

Over The Next Few Months

During the first few weeks after surgery, your recovery will be pretty simple. While the corneal flap won’t fully heal until six months after surgery, you’ll be able to go about your normal life.

You will still need regular appointments with your doctor to make sure your eyes are healing. It’s also common to see halos or bursts of light occasionally.

By six months, your vision should be stable and improved. All you have to do now is live your life and enjoy your visual freedom!

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