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5 San Antonio Looks That Stand Out This Fall!

Fall in San Antonio is one of the reasons we live here. After all, our fall is like everyone else’s summer! The temperatures are moderate, the sun is shining, and there’s no snow!

What more could you want? How about a guide to this season’s hottest fashion trends? Keep reading for off the charts fall style!

The look: Effortless Chic

Right now, it feels like fashion is going through a period where nobody wants to look like they are trying. Think skinny jeans, plain white sneakers, and a pop of color.

Head over to Penny Lane in Alamo Heights for curated fashion you won’t find anywhere else! We love the selection of designers, like ATM, Mother, Xirena, Isabel Marant and more!

One of the keys to effortless chic dressing is a statement item. Whether it’s a bright faux fur coat or a chunky necklace, this will elevate your look to the next level this season.

Stylish Young Woman in Leopard Print

The look: Leopard Everything

If you hate patterns, this season is not for you. I don’t care where you go, there’s leopard something everywhere! Scarves, flats, sweaters, headbands…you’re bound to find leopard print!

So how do you pull off leopard without looking like you went rummaging in grandma’s closet? Remember that less is more. Use your leopard print as an accent piece, rather than the main core of your outfit. This will keep you looking 2018, rather than you time traveled from 1988.

Stylish Young Women

The look: Cozy Sweaters

Fall means lower temperatures, and the excuse to get cozy. Especially considering the latest hygge movement, there’s never been a better time to stock up on sweaters. No matter what your sense of style is, there’s a sweater out there for you!

We’re loving sweaters that feel more like you’re wrapped in a blanket and in front of a fire. Experiment all you want, and don’t be afraid to buy up a size. This trend is all about comfort, and what you like!

We are obsessed with the sweater local fashion blogger Kara Tapangan is wearing here! The bright color is vibrant enough that you can wear it all year round. Wearing a baggy sweater?

Make sure you’re pairing it with a pair of high-waist jeans and leather ankle boots. This is a classic fall look that never goes out of style.

Want to add a little Texan flair to your outfit? Try pairing your favorite cozy sweater with cowboy boots instead!

The look: Layers, Layers, Layers.

Here’s the problem with fall: the weather is always changing! And we’re not talking every day, but sometimes hourly. One minute it could be seventy and sunny, and the next, it could be pouring!

How are you supposed to dress for weather like that? Unless you feel like bringing 5 different coats with you everywhere you go, you might want to learn how to layer.

If you’re short on cash from fun summer activities (us too!) this is a good way to stretch your wardrobe. Think button-downs under turtlenecks or t-shirts under your favorite summer maxi dress.

Cardigans are a great tool as well since you can wear longer shirts underneath and not be overheated. Check out how fashion blogger Ms. Gold Girl wears hers.

Local fashion blogger The Storibook exemplifies this trend perfectly. A suede skirt paired with a neutral black turtleneck keeps you warm without being boring! Want to be ready for anything?

Definitely invest in a puffer vest! There’s not a lot of weight but a vest can be a great focal point for your outfit. You can even layer a puffer vest on top of your favorite utility jacket on a particularly cool day!

Stylish Young Woman

The look: Mixed Patterns

When it comes to fashion, the rules are just begging to be broken. It’s time to mix and match your patterns! We know, it might seem like a little bit…much but fashion is all about what feels right.

Now that mixing patterns is acceptable, how do you go about pulling it off? For fall, we’re loving floral everything.

There’s something delicate and feminine about wearing a floral handpainted blouse. If you’re nervous about mixing and matching patterns, try to keep patterns the same color.

If you’re wearing a sweater with yellow flowers on it, consider a plaid skirt that has yellow in it. Keeping in the same color family makes patterns feel deliberate, instead of chaotic.

Fall only comes around once a year, so make sure you make the most of this fantastic style season!