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9 Benefits Of Monovision Procedure-Live Without Reading Glasses!

So many benefits of Monovision procedure-live without reading glasses! so little time to explain. Those pesky glasses you need for your near vision are a real pain. You wear them around your neck, on your head, and you constantly lose them. They are never in the right place when you need them most. Sick of the perpetual on-again-off-again ritual of reading glasses? We have compiled nine benefits of Monovision procedure-live without reading glasses!

(1) Look Younger

Might as well start right there. The moment you see someone with those glasses on a chain hanging around their neck, what do you think? You can say it: “old person”.

It tells you they are a “certain age.”

You’ve seen the TV reporters who have to suddenly don their glasses to look down at their laptops for a breaking story. No amount of Botox or other enhancement can hide their age. They are exposed.

If you want to embrace the reality of getting older without a fight, then keep those reading glasses. If that’s not your style, eliminating your reading glasses due to Presbyopia would be a major improvement in your life and your self-confidence.

Daily Living Activities

(2) Driving your car would be easier without reading glasses. You could look down at the GPS or the time and actually see it.

(3) Cooking would be easier (if you cook, that is). You could talk with your family, watch the TV in the adjacent room, and still be able to read a recipe or clearly see the little numbers on the measuring cup.

(4) Ladies would find it easier to put on eye makeup. Men would find it easier to shave.

(5) Parents would be able to identify their children across the room. Okay, maybe we are getting carried away.

(6) Reading the menu in a dimly lit restaurant or the directions on your meds would be easier.

(7) On a more serious side, wouldn’t you feel safer in an emergency situation if you didn’t have to rely on glasses?

(8) Be More Productive At Work

Your weekly office meetings would be a lot less difficult if you didn’t need to switch from wearing your glasses to read the handout to looking up at the speaker and taking them off to see that person clearly. Back and forth, back and forth, you know the drill.

Similarly, it can be time consuming to work at your desktop computer and constantly need to change glasses. Wouldn’t it be nice to just look from near to far and inbetween without missing a beat? Less distraction leads to a more productive work day.

(9) Spend Money More Easily And Prudently

Yes, it’s true. It would be so much easier to see the cost of an item on a little tag without having to pull glasses from your pocket, your purse, your head or from around your neck, and you wouldn’t buy the wrong size.

At the grocery store you would be able to read the ingredients without a magnifier, discover how many grams of fat and sugar are in an item before buying it only to have purchase guilt later.

There are endless benefits to Monovision procedure-live without reading glasses! We are sure you can name some of your own. Hopefully we made you smile, but the point is you don’t have to be hassled by reading glasses any longer. If you’re presbyopic patient who is ready to live without reading glasses, consider monovision procedure today.

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