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How To Know If Getting Rid Of Your Reading Glasses With Monovision Is Right For You

If you are over the age of 40, you are probably already wearing reading glasses. You need them to read menus or focus on certain near vision tasks. This is called presbyopia and one remedy is monovision, but how do you know if getting rid of your reading glasses with monovision is right for you.

Some Basic Facts About Presbyopia

Even if you have had 20/20 vision your entire life, suddenly it becomes difficult to clearly see many things up close. This change in your vision is known as presbyopia. It happens because the lens in our eyes becomes less flexible as we age and cannot change focus like it has in the past. This age-related “fact of life” is acceptable for some but intolerable for others.

If you fall into the second category, then monovision may be right for you.

What is Monovision and Why Would You Want It?

Monovision can be achieved by wearing monovision contact lenses or a monovision laser procedure.

Monovision contacts have been used for many years as a way to lessen the need for reading glasses over the age of 40. This means the dominant eye is set to see clearly in the distance and the non-dominant eye for near vision. The brain then blends the two so most patients can see at both distances without needing glasses for many day-to-day activities.

The other remedy for presbyopia is monovision laser eye surgery. The same correction is achieved using a laser procedure for a semi-permanent correction.

If your primary goal is to lessen your need for reading glasses then a monovision laser procedure could be right for you.

You could:

  • Read menus and other labels
  • Watch television
  • Drive
  • Work on a computer or handheld device

All this without reading glasses and without the hassle of contact lenses.

Some Compromises with Monovision

There are some visual compromises with monovision, and you should consider your lifestyle and career choices. Only you can decide if monovision is right for you.

You may lose some depth perception so certain sports activities may be more difficult or even impossible. If you do a lot of very intricate close up work, it could be problematic as well as driving at night.

If you are willing to sometimes wear glasses for some distance activities, night vision, or sports, then monovision will work for you.

Best Advice

Visit South Texas Eye Institute and our doctors will help you determine if monovision laser surgery is the right decision for you. After discussing your goals and your lifestyle she may first have you “try out” monovision using contact lenses to see if this will be an acceptable choice.

If you are over 40, nearsighted or farsighted and don’t want to be wearing reading glasses for the rest of your life, then monovision could be an excellent choice. Time to find out!

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