Health Risks Of Contact Lens Dependence

How A Dependence On Contact Lenses Poses Risks To Your Health

Contact lenses are medical devices used to improve vision. They can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. You were probably thrilled to graduate from glasses to wearing contacts, but now perhaps the “thrill is gone.” Because t...

Aftercare Of LASIK Eye Surgery

What Is The Aftercare Of LASIK Eye Surgery?

There are always patients searching for the best LASIK in San Antonio. They usually have many questions, and a significant number have false information. One of the most prevalent misconceptions about LASIK is that there is a long period of aftercare...

You Have Questions, We Have Answers: Our Staff Answers Some Of Your Most Common FAQs

5 Questions to Ask at a Lasik Consultation

  5 QUESTIONS TO ASK AT YOUR LASIK CONSULTATION Below is a list of common Lasik questions we receive at South Texas Eye Institute that may help you make an informed decision. Be prepared for your LASIK consultation by ...

Kybella Treatment For Double Chin
How To Pay For Your LASIK Surgery

Cost Of LASIK Surgery: How To Pay For LASIK Surgery

Patients wanting to improve their vision with LASIK surgery or PRK usually have two issues that worry them and can cause them to hesitate. Some patients are anxious about the procedure, and worry if it is safe. Once they find out how precise and effe...