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What Is The Aftercare Of LASIK Eye Surgery?

There are always patients searching for the best LASIK in San Antonio. They usually have many questions, and a significant number have false information. One of the most prevalent misconceptions about LASIK is that there is a long period of aftercare and that you must take time off from work to recover. This can cause patients who really want LASIK to shy away from it.

Let’s set the record straight about the aftercare of LASIK eye surgery.

Popularity of LASIK

Besides its successful outcomes, one of the major reasons LASIK eye surgery became so popular is that the recovery time is quick and virtually painless. There is no downtime after LASIK. Most patients can return to work within just a day or two. You don’t have to use up vacation days after LASIK. Save them for the beach or your trip abroad!

In fact, many patients can actually drive themselves to their one-day follow-up appointment and can return to most normal activities within just a day.

If you thought LASIK was going to cramp your style, think again.

Necessary Precautions After LASIK Eye Surgery

Just as the testing and consultation prior to LASIK is essential to a successful outcome, so is the follow-up care. In order to remain complication-free, your doctor will see you for prescribed follow-up appointments. This is to monitor your personal healing and to be certain there are no complications.

These post-operative appointments are all part of the LASIK fee at South Texas Eye Institute.

Medications are prescribed to prevent infection, and patients are encouraged to use OTC moisture drops frequently after surgery. Healing occurs over the next several weeks, so expect some hazy or fluctuating vision at times.

Although patients can return to work quickly and participate in most normal activities, there are some precautions for the first couple of weeks.

Day of Surgery

After LASIK you will need someone to drive you home. You may take some Advil or Tylenol for any discomfort or itchiness and take a nap for several hours. Wear sunglasses as your eyes will be sensitive to light. Take your meds and moisture drops as directed.

The Next Day and Week

  • Avoid swimming and hot tubs.
  • Do not wear eye makeup for the first week.
  • Wear sunglasses even inside on the day of surgery, and when outside thereafter.
  • Do not rub your eyes.
  • Avoid dusty, smoky environments for the first few days. Don’t clean out the garage or mow the lawn.
  • Although you can shower and bathe, avoid getting water in your eyes.
  • Do not play any sports that could cause trauma to your eyes for the first couple of weeks.

Most importantly, follow all the directions given by your doctor. If you are faithful to the medication schedule and follow-up appointments and know what to avoid for the first week or so, you should have a successful surgical outcome.

For the best LASIK in San Antonio, choose the professional care you will find at South Texas Eye Institute.

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