Solar Eclipse Eye Damage
Before, During, And After Premium Advanced Lens Cataract Surgery
Monovision Or Refractive Lens Exchange?

Should You Undergo Monovision Or Refractive Lens Exchange?

All adults will reach an age where their reading vision is compromised by presbyopia. It happens to everyone around age 40. At the same time, you have not reached the age where cataracts have clouded your vision and you need surgery to remove them. S...


South Texas Eye Institute Siclovia YMCA Community Bike Contest

Winner of B-Eye-Cycle Drawing Contest   Patients voted Karina as the proud winner of a dazzling blue bike + helmet from the South Texas Eye Institute B-EYE-Cycle drawing contest. The drawing contest for the YMCA of Greater San Antonio​ after s...

Health Risks Of Contact Lens Dependence

How A Dependence On Contact Lenses Poses Risks To Your Health

Contact lenses are medical devices used to improve vision. They can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. You were probably thrilled to graduate from glasses to wearing contacts, but now perhaps the “thrill is gone.” Because t...